The Resolution against Russian businessman Prigozhin did not bring Congressman Engel the votes from African Americans


Democratic candidate for Congress Eliot Engel’s anti-Russian policy hasn’t resonated with voters, in particular with African-American population of the State. But what resulted in Eliot’s final failure was the resolution he had adopted against Yevgeny Prigozhin, businessmen from Saint-Petersburg. In response to American congressman’s resolution, Russian entrepreneur released an open letter.

Aspiring politician Afro-American Jamaal Bowman defeated Eliot Engel who had been reelected to the House of Representatives since 1989. Losing statesman got only 35% of votes compared to Bowman’s 62%.

Tabled in early June, the resolution on sanctions against Yevgeny Prigozhin provoked sharp and negative reactions by American voters. His name has been in foreign press for a long time. Russian businessman has already become a significant figure, but quite different from what some would have wanted in the United States.

Instead of defaming Prigozhin, the resolution had an adverse impact. In this regard, it is worthwhile to mention that the congressman was absolutely wrong to consider African-Americans not educated and ignorant. At the same time, Russian businessman is regarded by black voters and Africans as defender of their interests and rights.

The reason why this resolution has been so much debated in American society is that the mindset has changed. American citizens have embarked on the struggle for their rights and freedoms. Positive past experiences of Russian-African cooperation and the multiculturalism of the former Soviet Union facilitate improving diplomatic relations at a new stage. More than once, Yevgeny Prigozhin mentioned the harmful influence of Western countries on sub-Saharan African. He expressed support for the population of the CAR, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana and other countries of the continent. Under the guise of UN peace missions, the West seeks to recolonize Africa. It was Russia that denounced outrageous acts committed by MINUSCA in the RCA. All Africans try to defend the economic interests of their countries torn by credits and the CFA franc system. This fight should receive media coverage in order to win over representatives of global finance. In this connection, Prigozhin denouncing the attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of African countries is an example to follow.

But the era of sanctions is over. The representatives of old American political elite try to reinforce their agenda, but voters don’t hear them.

According to the Federal News Agency, the results of the US election testify to a change in US policy. American government is about to turn more towards the internal problems. This is exactly what Prigozhin outlined in his letter.

The businessman reminds us what the United States actually does. Under various pretexts, they support terrorism around the world ignoring the interests of other countries as well as the values of international relations.

The US administration is trying to justify itself by alleging horrific threats that, according to it, Russia poses to the United States and its national interests.

Jamaal Bowman defeated Eliot Engel in the recent primaries. He said that the world had changed and that Congress needed to change too. That is why his team made a bet on the fight for racial and economic justice pointed out by Prigozhin.

In his turn, Engel is supported by the former US presidential candidate Hilary Clinton who is well-known for anti-Russian policy. This is exactly what Engel tried to promote in the House of Representatives.

In an attempt to win back lost ground, Engel tried to flirt with voters by suggesting that they support police reform. But the black audience spot the old official and wished the congressman good luck in retirement. “I’m sorry, but didn’t Jaamal Bowman beat you. Not just beat you, but shamed you for being out of touch with your district,” told one of Twitter users.