“We can’t talk about originality without mentioning Jovi” – says Cameroonian artist 4unky


Kinnaka’s blog(KB) had an interview with promising upcoming Cameroonian artist 4unky. This is what he had to say!


KB: How did you come up with your brand name?
I wanted a name that sounds exciting and fun but also in line with my native name “Nforngwa” which I really love so much. It was initially spelled “Funky” up until when I came back home after traveling through Nigeria and Ghana for many years and felt the need to make a change for a comeback, so I switched it up a bit by changing the “F” to “4” and that is how the name “4unky” was born.

KB: Describe your sound.
4unky afro-pop is the best way I can describe my sound. It’s a special kind of vibe that I coined for my self-using a blend afro, hip-hop, and pop with a great deal of influence from our African culture.


KB: Please explain your creative process.
Sometimes I get inspired by specific events and/or experiences and go straight ahead and write a song. How this works is, while writing the lyrics, I compose specific melodies and pre-record some times, even using my mobile phone. Thereafter I will approach a producer I feel will do well on the particular track in question so we can proceed to work on the same together. On the other hand, I get offered already made instrumentals by producers I keep a close relationship with and then decide what to write before proceeding to the studio.

KB: Which Cameroonian music artist inspires you?
Honestly speaking, I am inspired by each and every single Cameroonian artist who is putting in the work to help build the industry because I know it is not easy at all from an insider’s perspective. However, I will like to state a few names not sorted in any order and will tell you what I really admire about each of them.
I am sure this explains why my first collaboration post the release of Takumbeng mixtape is gonna be with Waxdey. I admire Waxdey’s business acumen and zeal to contribute towards building the industry. He has done so much for the industry already; ranging from his TV reality show, music streaming site Atalaku, his record label, calabash music to his daring decision to move and be based back home just in a bit to contribute even more to the growth of the industry. I know its definitely not easy to manage all these things and still release good music hence I have so much respect for him as he manages them quite well.
We can’t talk about originality without mentioning Jovi as far as Cameroon is concerned am sure you will agree with me on that. Jovi to me should be the benchmark for every aspiring and hard-working artist in Cameroon. He is proof that hard work eventually pays off. I have known Jovi as an artist for so many years now and definitely admire his steadfastness. He stayed true to the Mboko sound which has been accepted by the majority of Cameroonians both home and abroad thanks to him. A big shout out to Jovi for being one of the pacesetters.
Stanley Enow:
Talking about taking Cameroon’s modern sound internationally, one will be materially wrong if the likes of Stanley Enow, Daphne, Locko, Blanche Bailly, Tzy Panchack, Magasco, and Mr. Leo are not mentioned. Stanley Enow did not only rise so quickly to the top but has managed to stay in the limelight till today. I particularly admire his hustle, to be honest. He works hard, goes out there and does collaborations with really big names in Africa, which only helps to create more room for Cameroon’s sound internationally.
Mr. Leo:
He is a true grass to grace story. Super talented, hardworking, and humble. I have not met him in person, but I can tell he is humble despite being super talented and successful. That’s a rare combination if you take a keen look in the industry. He is definitely a pacesetter too. Shout to the entire Alpha Beta records crew.
She is one of the few Cameroonian musicians that have crossed so many borders with music. I follow her on Instagram, and I see the hard work she puts in every day, and it’s just so inspiring. She has backed home so many awards and never really fails in her delivery. You can check out her recent collaboration with Boy Tag if you need an example. A big shout out to Daphne and the entire Stephens music crew.
Like I mentioned before am inspired by each and everyone in a special way hence if I have to continue, the list will go on and on.

KB: If you didn’t become a musician, what would you be doing right now? 
Honestly, I will have loved to become a soldier (navy) because of the respect and sense of patriotism that comes with such a job.

KB: What do you feel is the best song you have ever released and why?
I think my best work so far is “Mansoh” which is part of Takumbeng Mixtape that is out right now. I have never expressed myself in music as much as I did with “Mansoh”. It’s a story with a great message “Love is greater than everything” being the center of it all. Whenever I perform this track it really takes me down memory lane which just reminds me of how far I have come and the need to keep going. Surprisingly “Mansoh” is also my mother’s favorite. I am so happy to know “Mansoh” is out there right now because everyone will hear me telling my story in my own special way.

KB: How did you manage your project considering the current state of affairs in the North West and South West regions?
It has not been easy at all and I continue praying every day that life can go back to normal as I have been here all through. Listen to my song titled “Bamenda” which is also part of Takumbeng Mixatpe in which I give a first-hand account of what life has become in Bamenda since the start of the crisis.

KB: How can fans get a copy of Takumbeng Mixtape both at home and abroad?
If you are in Cameroon you can buy Takumbeng mixtape (19 tracks) at the cost of 1000 FCFA (pay using your momo account) by clicking the following link: https://muzeedigital.com/downloads/4unky-takumbeng-mixtape/Internationally you can buy Takumbeng mixtape using the following link: +++++https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/4unky4


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