62 year old Cameroonian woman welcomes her first child in Yaounde (Photo)


A 62- year old lady has given birth to a baby girl at the Yaounde hospital for applied Research, human reproduction and endoscopic surgery CHRACERH.

Mama Susana is presently first woman in the African continent to have a child at 62.

The groundbreaking record was achieved through the in vitro fertilization method.

The high risk pregnancy was monitored by a dedicated medical team led by Prof. Jean Marie Kasia.In the process, Mme Suzana spent the first five months of pregnancy at CHRACERH and returned to Bafoussam where she spent the rest of the four months.

Three weeks before her due date, the team of experts travelled to Bafoussam and brought her to Yaoundé .The pregnancy was monitored till 31st October when the baby was delivered.

Three other babies with mothers aged 37, 46 and 53 were born the same day.The families have been expressing gratitude to First Lady Chantal Biya for her interest in reproductive Health care.


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