Why Cameroonian parents are enrolling their children in “The Edge Bilingual Nursery and Primary School”


New! In Town
– The Edge Bilingual Nursery and Primary School
– Located at Château D’eau Bonaberi
– To transform lives and build the Community

Our facilities
Creative educative plan
Trained experienced and dynamic teachers supported by a strong Pedagogic team of experts
A calm, loving environment with over 40 toilets
Well equipped modern up to date Computer labs
Resident Nurses
Video surveillance campus and security personnel
Fine Arts and Music
Cool and AC classes
Smaller class sizes for effective management

The following is why parents should choose The Edge;
1. Well trained teachers with at least 5 years experience.
2. Permanent pedagogy, the Edge runs three streams which means if you want your child to do Only french studies, or only English studies, or perfect Bilingual studies the Edge is a better place for your child.
3. At the Edge only 25 pupils per class, air condition classes, equipped computer labs.
4. 48 toilets for good sanitary and a well equipped playground for your kids.
5. Our accessibility is 100% motor-able roads and 100m from Château D’eau.

Join the moving train to the Edge and move along with standards. We are not looking for Standards, we are the Standard

#TheEdge is America in Cameroon come and enjoy the best at a very low cost. Correct it.

Call us today and Register with the Edge


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