Actress Nsang Dilong’s ex-boyfriend confiscates the car he gifted her after their break up, her new man wants her to quit entertainment!


If you are actress Nsang Dilong’s keen fan or her Snapchat friend, you will notice that she is no longer cruising in the grey corolla.

Yes, we did notice too and went digging. According to our anonymous sources, her ex-boyfriend who is also said to be Miss P’s ex, confiscated the car he gifted her after the breakup. The said ex, whose identity we are still trying to decode was allegedly the sponsor behind her holidays abroad.

As you already know Dilong is a beautiful girl and didn’t stay single for long. She has a new man who is allegedly young, charming and with deep pockets. Unfortunately, he wants the actress to quit the entertainment industry which explains why she hasn’t been to any entertainment event for a while and spends her time home and in the gym.

They allegedly live together.

If you know, you know!


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