“Smoking has become part of the streets” – Cameroon rapper Ngoma talks about drug ‘glorification’ in his new single


Kinnaka’s blog had a brief interesting chat with Cameroonian rapper, Atanga Schneider Ngomah better known as Ngoma, whose enthralling rap style has captured the interest of young Cameroonians.

Ngoma combines the richness of old Cameroonian melodic sounds with urban contemporary sounds, seasoned with four languages, that is English, French, ‘Pidgin’ English and Ngemba, to produce compelling, unique rap music.

Read the brief interview below:

KB: How did you get into music and do you write your music?

Ngoma: My story is pretty incredible as some things are just meant to be. Music has always been a passion coming from a home where my parents always sang grassland melodies then the journey became vocal during my secondary school days I joined the choir as a middle-range singer, also started mimicking U.S Rap songs which inspired me to a musical foundation began writing my own lyrics at a young age. I got a few opportunities to perform in club shows, also visited many studios in Bamenda and Limbe within this period and it was fun watching my friends’ music recording experience. However, only recorded my first song “Afe Nkap” during my university days. This decision came with factors like me rapping in my dialect for the first time with help from my mum and elder sisters. The journey helped me relearn my native tongue, and I can proudly say no ones but ME can or will write my lyrics.

KB: From Statistics it’s evident you haven’t been consistent with your releases and your musical career, can we know why?

Ngoma: I must say it is challenging coming up with such innovative content on a continual basis. As a perfectionist and solo artist, I have to work hard and make a ton of negotiations which includes video production and other factors. Also considering personal challenges, I’m the first son of my family, and since the passing of my dad in 2016 my availability is dearly needed on the low as a fatherly replacement. That being said I understand my fans are eager to hear more of that Jwe’te sound, so my team and I are working being more consistent as from this year.

KB: What do you wish could change in the Cameroon Entertainment Industry?

Ngoma: First of all, artist to fan relation to be keenly rebranded even though the active music consuming population is still growing. A lot of beautiful music goes unrecognized, and I really wish to change that aspect.

KB: What are your thoughts on the ongoing political unrest in English-speaking Cameroon?

Ngoma: The situation gets me downcast almost on a daily basis, as it’s more of a massive loss than ever expected. No one deserves to be hurt, and I pray things to get calm as we’re all trying to survive in life.

KB: Are you dating anyone at the moment? What type of girls are you into?

Ngoma: Hehe, that’s a weird question as I wonder if anyone really dates nowadays, I’d like to say am free and my preference on ladies is broad as I’m more of a thinker. Physical features barely move me though I’ve been more with ladies of my skin tone and some flesh wouldn’t hurt Pancho.

KB: Fans are saying that you glorified drug use in your latest release ‘All Les day‘ what do you have to say about that given the fact that drug abuse is on the rise in the past few years?

Ngoma: First off it’s not a Glorification but rather portraying a reality. ‘All Les Day‘ is about the struggles with growing up in the Ghettos and the streets of our society and how difficult it is to make it, Smoking has become part of the streets and so that can’t be left out, this is actually me creating an awareness about Smoking since it has become the order of the day in the society, so it’s not me preaching about drugs, I just had to put it in rhythms and lyrics, so you understand it better, so that it gets to my audience quicker, and it has to be interesting, so it’s just about me showing the grind on the streets and you have to put in a way that people are going to relate to it quicker, so that’s basically what it’s all about.

KB: Who is your Cameroonian celebrity crush?

Charlotte Dipanda tops my celebrity crush list.

KB: Who are you eager to collaborate with?

Ngoma: I’d really love to get recording session with Manu Dibango, and Locko supposed I have a song concept with the three styles merged as Mangosi.

KB: What new projects are you working on?

Ngoma: I’m planning on more amazing videos along with some great business deals this year and still recording the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) album though I have more than 100+ unreleased songs.

KB: Thank you for your time 

Ngoma: Thanks for having me


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