Kanye West’s Dad Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer


Rapper, Kanye West‘s dad Ray West has reportedly been diagnosed with Stomach Cancer.

A family member exclusively confirmed to RadarOnline.com, saying: “His dad is sick with stomach cancer Opens a New Window.”

It was also confirmed by Kanye’s one-time stepmother Kanye West‘s dad Ray West, adding Ray was diagnosed last spring.

“He’s getting treatment and from what I understand the treatments are working.”

The sad news comes just 10 years after Kanye’s mom Donda West passed away. Since her passing, Kanye has struggled to move on and it’s claimed as one of the reasons for his infamous mental breakdown in 2016.

Cheryl commented more on Kanye’s recent breakdown/breakthrough, connecting it to his father’s diagnosis.

“Sometimes you need other events to trigger bigger events,” she said of the diagnosis, “it could have triggered something bigger in Kanye because he is super close to his dad after his mom’s death.”


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