France donates CFA 36 billion aid to Cameroon


France has donated CFA 36 billion towards Cameroon’s implementation of three socio-economic projects as part of the third phase of its Debt Reduction and Development Contract (C2D).

Img : France allots CFA36bln largesse to Cameroon projects
This was disclosed after the 12th session of the C2D Strategic Orientation Committee (COS) on Monday.

The first project to support the valorization, processing and industrialization of agricultural products (TRANFAGRI) will benefit from CFA17.71 billion.

The second project relating to the Technical Assistance Fund for the development of agricultural products (FATEP) will is being earmarked for CFA 1.04 billion while the third based on the “Capital Regional II” program will receive CFA19.67 billion.

In a statement, the competent services of the ministry of Economy, Planning and Spatial Planning (MINEPAT) indicated that the first two C2Ds covering five years each with a total amount of CFA 566 billion made it possible to finance several development projects in various sectors.

They include the national education sector with the recruitment of 37,000 contracted teachers and about 737 classrooms built across the ten regions of the country.

In the health sector, 150 people were recruited while 89,457 pregnant women received obstetrical kits.

The infrastructure sector includes the rehabilitation of urban roads, the opening of 1657 rural ones and 81 engineering structures, as well as the construction of a second bridge over the Wouri.


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