EXCLUSIVE: Cameroonian rapper Askia allegedly addicted to drugs!

Rapper Askia

For several days now, a rumour has been circulating on social media that top Cameroonian female rapper, Askia is no longer part of Alpha Better Records.

Kinnaka’s Blog can now confirm that the rumour is true, Askia has been dropped from the record label over ‘inconsistency.’ The record label boss, Salatiel has refused to comment on anything regarding his label’s relationship with Askia. However, according to our anonymous source close to the rapper, Alpha Better Records parted ways with Askia because of drug abuse.

Alpha Better Records logo

The 26-year-old Buea based rapper is allegedly addicted to Cocaine and heroin which are popularly known as ‘Caillou‘ on the streets of Cameroon.  Another source who is a former drug user, drug dealers are threatening Askia over unpaid bills. The source added that at some point, she allegedly used Mr. Leo’s name as bait to get drugs. She allegedly told drug dealers on several occasions that the drugs are for Mr. Leo, who has money and will pay.

Drug abuse has rapidly increased in the South West Regional capital, Buea in the past few years.




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