Nigerian Pastor Impregnates 6 Women In Douala

A Nigeria Pentecostal Church Pastor in Ndogpassi, Douala 3 Municipality, has found himself treading in deep waters after allegedly impregnating over half a dozen members of his congregation.
The Pastor, known to Kinnaka’s Blog only as Pastor Ochonkoro, who is said to be on the run impregnated young girls, including married women in his church.
Pastor Ochonkoro dubious activities came to the limelight on Wednesday March 14, 2018 when one of the women told the husband that she was pregnant and the husband insisted that since they have not made love recently, she must have cheated on him.
After threatening the lady, she revealed that the pastor was responsible, five other ladies who were allegedly impregnated by the Pastor after hearing the news, also came out to reveal that they were also pregnant for the Pastor.
The entire population of Ndogpassi, in Cameroon economic capital, Douala, marched on streets in numbers promising hell on the said Pastor who was only saved after elements of 14th Police District intervened but he slipped away and disappeared, CNA reports.
Security sources have revealed that he cannot be arrested at the moment since no complaint has been deposited.


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