Cameroonian man, Malaysian woman arrested for drug smuggling


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The police have arrested a Cameroonian man and a Malaysian woman for drug smuggling, Judiciary Police (PJ) spokeswoman Yeung Sau Chan said during a special press conference outside Hotel Metropole in Nam Van on Monday.

According to Yeung, the man is a 29-year-old university student surnamed Ndam while the woman is a 28-year-old surnamed Dewi who claimed to be unemployed.

Yeung said that Ndam was travelling from Cameroon to Manila via Ethiopia, before arriving at the local airport on Sunday afternoon. Police officers there had been tipped off and stopped and searched Ndam when he arrived at the local airport. Later X-rays revealed that Ndam had many pellets in his stomach. He was then taken to the public Conde de S. Januario Hospital Centre.

According to a statement released by the Judiciary Police yesterday, Ndam subsequently excreted 67 pellets of Ice, which weighed over a kilo, and had an estimated street value of three million patacas.

Ýeung noted that the drug was packed in condoms wrapped in adhesive tape.

Ndam told the police that he was to receive a total payment of US$4,000 (32,000 patacas) once the drugs were delivered .

Dewi was due to collect the drugs from Ndam in a hotel room. She was picked up by the police at Hotel Metropole on Monday evening.

Yeung said that the police assumed that the duo belonged to the same drug gang ring.

Yeung said the two suspects would be transferred to the Public Prosecution Office (MP) for further investigation.


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