Was Jay-Z Filmed Punching a 12-Year-Old Female Fan?


A video purportedly showing Jay-Z punching a young girl gets passed around the internet from time to time, in an apparent attempt to smear the musician.

When Jay-Z performed a concert to benefit Hillary Clinton in November 2016, for instance, this 3-second clip was shared along with the dubious claim that it showed the musician striking an underage girl at the rally. The clip was circulated a few months later with similar claims after Jay-Z criticized President Trump for his alleged “shithole” remark about African countries. It was also shared in previous years as if it showed Jay-Z punching a 12-year-old girl for trying to hug him or slapping an underage girl for taking his picture:

This footage is real, but the claims frequently attached to it seem to be made up out of whole cloth.

The web sites and social media accounts sharing this video frequently post it as if they were privy to specific details about the encounter (such as the age of the girl or the reason for the altercation), yet information about where and when this incident occurred is almost always neglected.

The provided details also change with each posting: Is the girl 12? Is she a teenager? Did she try to hug Jay-Z or take his picture? Whatever the situation, it’s difficult to verify based solely on the images in this 3-second clip. Of course, that’s problematic as we never actually get a good look at the “victim” in this video, and its limited runtime provides little to no context about the encounter.


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