Vicky Fokala is pregnant! See fierce pregnancy photos


Cameroonian actress, TV host and event planner, Vicky Fokala is pregnant!

Vicky who is expecting a baby girl just released fierce pregnancy photos and a heartwarming letter to her unborn child.

She wrote:

“Dear Baby… My sunshine… (My RANSHUY)… my pour down for joy, my love… My better half… My promotion.

Each time, like now, I am at a loss for words to describe exactly how I feel about you or about the way this is changing me. Every moment of my life comes with a whole new sensation and a whole new enthusiasm.

How sweet you have been throughout this moment and o! How peacefully have you sat… Unshaken by even my craziest stunts.

At the moments of my worse fears, you stood by me ever so bravely… Never leaving my side and giving me the calm reassurance that you will always be here… Lord! how I love you already.

You have traveled with me in dark night, sunny days and cold morning yet you have held

on ever so firmly… I am so proud of you my love.

You have fought with me and won with me… Sometimes we have failed but fighting with you has been such a great victory dear partner.

My Sunshine… My best friend… I can’t wait to have you and share every laughter, and happy tears and sad ones too but I am mostly hoping and looking forward to when we fight over clothes and shoes and jewelry and MAKEUP.

DEAR BABY… you shall stand ever so tall. You shall be a force to reckon with. You shall be an example to emulate you, baby… Shall be MY PEACEFULLY BRAVE TRAVEL WARRIOR. The one whose story generations shall live to
recount and GOD shall be your anchor and shelter through it all. Amen.
I love you Sunshine.

Your mummy ever so Blessed


See more photos below…



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