Who is the True Leader Now? Balla, Tassang, Wirba, Sisiku or Bobga?


After Balla’s release, you all rejected him, calling him names and calling him weak because he was arrested. Most fans claimed that a real leader is not arrested and even Sisiku made fun of that. Hope you now understand that the world is round and not flat.

Balla has been consistent since release and despite their attempts to soil the “Show Boy’ he continues to rise higher and higher. In many attempts to sway his followers, the God of his parents have been in his favor, Burning his compound fueled by rival Sisiku was just a mockery to the gods and pay back was near. It wouldn’t be too long, and the gods have spoken loud and clear.

All of a sudden, loyalist of the Facebook republic are pleading for favors, prayers and all sorts of assistance. We have always thought they are beyond assistance. But looking at the images after their arrest, you could see panic all over their faces. News even leaked that Sisiku peed in his pants during the arrest.

Tassang who has evaded arrest has finally been caught as well. From making videos in people’s back yards and seeking to flee to the US before his untimely catch up, he now will feel what others have felt. With no back up for him, no savings for the school teacher, he is doomed for long stay in solitary.

Wirba ran through the forest and realized that he was better rubbing Biya’s foot than trying to take sides with the band of illusionary infants. He even promised his village boys that he will resign but the “money too sweet’ to let go.

At the end of the day, Balla seems to the one and only still standing tall and taller. He has the voice and has been granted audience by many high profiled settings. He continues to make his case and have been instrumental in the progress of the struggle. Like they say, only the end justifies the means.

And in all these, Biya has yet to make a say on this. He only acts. While Sisiku and fans continue throwing light weight punches, using innocent ones as shield. Biya just responds as needed.

By the way, who is the real Boss now? For us the silent majority, we will let the ballot boxes tell us more.

The Great Anonymous


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