Sisiku is Busted!! What’s next?


An illusionary country in which their presidents or interim leaders are constantly being arrested or chased down the road, it is still some sort of a joke to see and hear some Cameroonians who continue to belief that there is hope with this band of outlaws with little or no strategy for living through another day.

Just like we have and will always alert you all, this illusionary group of knuckle heads are going now where. For the monies they have collected and are developing swollen jaws, they are now shedding some of the fats in their new found jail houses where they will spend a good chuck of their lives awaiting trail.

A illusionary country with a dreaming interim guarded by quarter boys in the name of security. Too bad, they are now guarded by professional security men who will now spend more time with them than they will spend with their families.

Too bad this time too, Mark Bareta and Ivo Tapang are not there to fight for the interim position. Ivo has recently started gym classes to shed off some of the excess fats from eating Gofundme funds. Mark is taking speech therapy. Ebenezer Akwanga is taking fattening courses and planning to share ideas with Sisiku to break jail like he did back in the 90s.

With Sisiku busted with his top ranking bag handlers, there is little hope for this Facebook republic. Like we have always cautioned, we the silent majority will continue to be loud about the failures of this amateurish band as we seek to secure a better way forward for the nation as a whole.

Already we see petitions and cries from families of Sisiku and his band pleading for aid among many other things. The hunter is now hunted. We will hope they feel the pain others have felt and write books from their dungeons. Maybe someday, they will become the Nelson Mandela’s of Cameroon – hope they make it out of there before year 2030.

We the silent majority, we wish all well but will always call a spade a spade.


  1. Kinnaka idiot. I will be waiting for you on the streets of Buea. The day you step foot in Amazonia will be your last day alive and yes that’s a threat trashy butch.


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