China to build a new National Assembly building in Cameroon


On November 16th night, a fire swept through the main building of Cameroon’s parliament in Yaounde, causing substantial damage but no injuries.

The apparently ‘accidental’ blaze broke out in the administrative part on the rear facade of the building, the government said, but the debating chamber is believed to have been spared.

The fire was completely out by dawn on Friday.

Prior to the fire which destroyed the parliament building, a Chinese website reported that a Chinese company won the bidding for the design, construction, and management of a brand new National Assembly building in Cameroon. The same company has successfully completed the construction of the Zimbabwean Parliament Building in 2016.

The building hosting the National Assembly will be located in Cameroon’s capital Yaoundé, on an area covering about 44,000 square meters. It will be made of several sections including the main office building, a semicircular conference hall, a subsidiary conference hall, a celebration hall, a fire department section and more.


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