The stupidity of SCACUF got us into this MESS!


Dear Kinnaka’s Blog readers,

The Great Anonymous has not been out as most must have felt and criticized. The astroscities of October 1st, caused by the low level baby thugs of the SCACUF and outdated Governing body certainly dampened our mode but has magnified our pulse to do more to sensitize Cameroonians about the impediments of listening to and following the ideas of ignorant and sociopathic personalities of SCACUF members and their affiliates.

Prior to October 1st, Mr Sisisiku made live appearances daily, parading the corridors of retired politicians in different countries, local and neighborhood radio stations and several live Facebook sessions to preach and entice his gullible followers about their prospects for an illusionary independence on October 1st.

In the process, he raised about $200,000 for him and his boy boys. Unlike Tapang Ivo who used his own donations to buy him some suits, take his lady on a date and buy diapers for his new born, Mr Sisisiku only bought him a pair of shoe. Those shoes were very degrading. he surely used the rest of the money to pay back an embezzlement charge at ENEO Cameroon which caused him to flee Cameron back in the days.

Could Sisisiku be inspired by Tapang Ivo who have both benefitted from the deaths, chaos and lost of economic opportunities by many of the Southern Cameroons? Mr Sisisiku preached all sorts of propaganda about independence and a march in Buea and flags to be put up in several stations. He instigated youths to turn out on the streets, knowing very well they will face the forces of law and order and would be killed or wounded. Just like Tapang Ivo, all he wanted was evidence to make his case and collect more money from his fans.

Could Sisisiku be also inspired by Mr Akwanga – the only Cameroonian on exile from Cameroon for his fraudulent past? Sisisiku carries a prison term on his head just like Akwanga and this could be their payback. A payback that uses the innocent as shields is nothing short of an act of the devil.

That is why Sisisku could remind people to go on the streets, and march when he is in the comfort of his home, his wife and kids. For many, they hoped that after October 1st, Southern Cameroon will see a new dawn, but they have been caught and collapse in to the deep and now trying to cripple to surface.

Ghost towns are slowly a thing of the past. Even the arsonist are tired of working without pay. The people are tired of the fake promises and propaganda. The UN and all types of leaders they keep calling and even including Mayors from countries abroad have given them a death ear.

The Government has upgraded its position to shut them down. Instituted its own ghost town so dare not to disobey. Sisisiku, Tapang, Mark and the rest of them have no place in Cameroon any more. Agbor Balla has proven to be the Boss and has continued from where he left off. Apparently, the hijacked interim where not men enough. Fontem continous to decry his relationship with Tapang who is trying to clear his conscience to no avail.

Cameroon has gone back to being one and indivisible. Most are now looking forward to elections. Sisisiku is now trying to make amends with Balla and Muna for a place near them as he tries to clear his conscience too.

In any case, we of the silent majority have remained realistic about outcomes. It is time you continue to listen without ceasing. For those with ears shall be saved.

The Great Anonymous


  1. Kiki tell them.
    I personally won a bet of 10,000 cfa that Sisiku was never going to land even in Gabon, not to talk of Cameroon on October 1st.

    Now, we go show Okalia Bilai all those graffi dogs in South West who were rioting for ambazonia.

    They must go on exile to Ambazonia as Cameroun can no longer contain them.

    Ambazonia e mami e mbombo

    Now na to personally attack Tapang Ivo and Baramark e family members with arson and destruction.
    Luckily for me, we were members of UBSU together, so I know where to find their families.
    Now its payback time Lol…….. even you too Wan obi.

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