Diamond Platnumz’s babymama Hamisa Mobeto reaches out to his partner Zari Hassan!


‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ goes the adage, but what do they say about the woman who the man ‘scorned’ with? Enter Hamisa Mobetto, the woman in the centre of the controversial Diamond confession.

They had an affair and she bore him a son and since then, the scorned woman (Zari Hassan) has been trading barbs on social media with the woman her husband slept with.

Hamisa’s posts, too, had been especially fiery. In one post, she claimed Zari’s South African mansion was rented and in another, she claimed that Diamond was in fact, not Nillan’s father.

But lately, it seems like Hamisa has rethought her position and recently reached out to Zari during a radio interview:

“Watoto wameshatuunganisha, najua kwa sasa mambo na maneno ya watu ni mengi ila ipo siku kwa sababu mtoto wangu ana ndugu na watoto wake basi tutakuwa sawa tu.Maana inawezekana mtoto wangu akataka kuwatembelea ndugu zake au wale wakamtaka ndugu yao kwa hiyo yote yanawekezekana.”
(The babies have brought us together. I know right now there are so many things people are saying about us but I know for sure someday she and  I will be cool with each other because my child and hers are now siblings and at some point he may wish to visit them and vice versa).

Interestingly Hamisa’s sentiments comes at a time when Diamond’s mother Sandra has showed much love, support and appreciation for Zari. Last week on Friday, Zari arrived in Tanzania to a rousing welcome with hundreds of fans flocking the Julius Nyerere International airport.

Diamond’s most trusted bodyguard, Mwarabu Fighter who was also there to receive her.  Moments after her touch down, Sandra took to her Instagram to welcome her daughter in law:

“South Africa kwako, Uganda kwako, Tanzania ni kwako pia. You are shinning everywhere. Welcome home Mama Tee.” 
The following day on Saturday, Zari and Diamond launched their furniture store in Milimani City, Dar es Salaam that was highly attended with most Tanzania celebrities and fans. It was the same day Hamisa was also hosting a party for her newly born son.
Again Diamonds’ mom Sandra missed Hamisas’ party  and took to Instagram  to praise Zari , posting:

“Kazi juu ya kazi umekusanya Mlimani City kazibebe na za Zanzibar. muweka hazina nipo, kila la kheri Inshallah #strongFamily. Ujio wako umefanya maduka ya dawa yote ya jirani na Mlimani City yaishiwe panadol… dahhh Mashallah Mama Tee.”


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