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US Ambassador, Michael S. Hoza bids farewell to Cameroon


Michael S. Hoza, outgoing Ambassador of the United States of America to Cameroon, has said goodbye to the people of Cameroon after his three year stay in the country.

This was during a farewell audience granted the US Ambassador by the President of the Republic Paul Biya at the unity palace.

For close to an hour, President Paul Biya and the outgoing US Ambassador to Cameroon discussed bilateral ties between their two countries. The discussions between the Head of State and US diplomat centred on health, the fight against boko haram and the army.

Ambassador Michael Stephen Hoza leaves Cameroon after his country’s involvement in the fight against Bokam Haram. During his tenure, the US government donated military equipment and combat vehicles to Cameroon’s Army to boost the fight against this extremist group that is responsible for the death of close to two thousand Cameroonians.

In the health domain, the outgoing Ambassador encouraged a number of joint ventures between his country and Cameroon . The US President’s Malaria Initiative one of the many put in place to roll back malaria on Cameroon.

In his final remark, the US diplomat lauded country’s hospitality and said Cameroonians have talents with a huge potential to develop the country.


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