“President Biya will go down as one of the most unpredictable leaders of Africa” – The Great Anonymous writes on the Anglophone prisoners


H.E President Biya of Cameroon will go down as one of the most unpredictable leaders of Africa. He remains unshaken and undisturbed and still very much on course with his game plan. Good thing he has granted amnesty to the few who were in jail but what does this release really mean?

Facebook warriors and members of the Facebook Republic have had a moment of celebration even without reading the fine prints. As usual, they are quick to boost of successes even when there is nothing for them to rejoice about. The release of those in jail was a mere tease for those who understand what leadership, dictatorship, divide and rule is.

Biya has had time to study the members of this Facebook Republic: he has nurtured and cornered them in to a tight spot and then given them a bait. Of course and as always they fell for the bait too soon before realizing that it was a bait. Moments after the release, there was every Facebook online session by anyone who could speak english; there was every analysis from any one who could write a few sentences in English and prayer warriors were quick to jump and claim divine victory.

The struggle is just getting started. Biya has just now acknowledged that he is ready for battle by capturing and taming its leaders and then releasing them back into the camp. Its like your campturer kidnaps your brothers, feeds and trains them in their ways and then releases them in the capacity of pseudo allies.

This is divide and rule in motion. he has set several camps in active mode. Ask yourself what happens to Mark and Ivo, Ayuk Tabe and the council, Akwanga and Herbert, Tassang and Wirba etc. What most don’t know is that Balla, Fontem and Ayah are now part of the silent majority. Their voices will only echo and not be loud as others have been and have expected.

Nevertheless, we are happy for their release but sad for our compatriot Mancho Bibixy who will serve the term for those released. And for those who saw those in jail as die hard fans of the struggle, don’t be surprised about the deal they made with the devil for their release while letting others stay in jail. Previous knowledge would say, “all for one, one for all” . This is not the case and will not be the case. Southern Cameroonians are split between the Facebook Republic and the civil groups on the ground. They have betrayed themselves in several ways.

And even if Biya releases the rest of those in jail; they will call him weak, and will further have even more demands of which the old man is not ready to entertain. For now, he has thrown a chip for play. No one knew this struggle will last this long and Biya is ready to take it to the end of his term. So, ask yourself, who is at the loss here?

As always, the Great Anonymous will keep you updated with the most intriguing updates to best answer the questions that answers to reality and not just the fallacies of the loud illusionists.

The Great Anonymous



    When the Anglophone teachers and lawyers launched the struggle for the protection of the English subsystem of education and the Common law(which by the way no longer exists in its colonial form even in the UK), THEY WERE NOT BEGGING OR BARGAINING FOR PART OF CAMEROON TO BE RECOLONIZED OR RETURNED TO UN/ BRITISH TRUSTEESHIP !!!

    In this regard, the recent touristic parade of the Sc/Ambazonia pseudo leaders to the UK and their shamefully failed attempt to be received by Queen, is not only a demeaning and disgraceful attempt to infantilise the Cameroonian people but is indeed totally irrelevant.

    The plebiscite took place in 1961 and its results approved , sealed and delivered. Wether we like or not , it is over with – period!!!.

    No amount of efforts to rewrite our history or return to the past after nearly 60 years, will hold water!

    In 1961 the United Nations organised two plebicites; one for Northern Cameroon which opted to join Nigeria and the other for Southern Cameroon which voted to join the Republic of Cameroon.
    The UNGA endorsed these results in its relevant resolutions.

    The International Court of Justice, the only institution which has the mandate to interprete UN resolutions and give final judgement on International disputes, passed an irreversible judgement on this matter .

    No one should be fooled by the legal /historical misrepresentations of irredentist lawyers and historians.

    After 8months of false promises,lies, Fake news, demonstrations, claims of winning fatly and fake visits of the pseudo leaders to the UN premises and many European capitals, neither the UN General Assembly nor the Security Council has decided to reopen the matter.
    Going by UN traditions, it will never do so!! The recent UN press statements on the matter is adequate proof!!

    Furthermore, the recent release of Balla,Fontem and Ayah,( the only persons who can claim to have paid a price for their leadership of the struggle), has taken away the main remaining issue that bothered the UN and the International Community , after the Internet shut down.

    Can SC/Ambazonia be brought about by War?

    Not ALL!!!
    In addition to many other geopolitical and tactical factors,the greed, power mongering and out right naivety of
    the pseudo diasporan leaders, show that they have neither the intellectual, strategic nor tactical capacity to launch and conduct a successful war.
    Their penchant for lavish FAKE fundraising parties and nice suits, only show that they are broad day scammers who can,t bear the SACRIFICE, hardship and smell of a violent conflict.

    The cowardice and incompetence of their fly by night, chicken hearted so called SC/ Ambazonian defence forces, doesn’t demonstrate any ability to withstand the rough and tumble of a real battle.
    All they know is to insult, intimidate and terrorize the innocent populations of the NW/SW regions, under the cover and safety of social media .

    Can the ghost towns and school boycott strategy give birth to SC/ Ambazonian?

    Obviously not! The contrary is in fact true. This strategy which is imposed and sustained through threats , intimidation and violence, has only impoverished, disempowered, caused disaffection and killed the resolve of the majority of the people in these regions concerned. They all now crave for a return to normalcy.
    Even the Munas Fru Ndi and cohorts who initially espoused these strategies, have seen their FUTILITY and limits and now call for their abandonment.

    In spite of all the threats and intimidation, schools have resumed in both region’s and are picking up speed.
    Parents who don’t have the stomach for violence, have sent their children to schools in other parts of Cameroon and not to Nigeria as the SC/Ambazonia prescribed.
    The large enrollment of Anglophone children in schools in other regions of Cameroon, in spite its long term negative consequences on the economy of both regions, is the most eloquent and democratic gauge of the willingness of the majority of Anglophone Cameroonians to be part of an integrated and United Cameroon, notwithstanding all the problems.

    Will the planned declaration of Independence on October 1st concretely change anything?

    Obviously not!
    With no physical control over the TERRITORY,
    POPULATION OR INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION, the planned restoration is simply a hype and an exercise in futility!
    By the way who elected these persons or gave
    them the mandate to declare independence?

    What is then the way forward?

    -Let’s consolidate the gains!!
    The government has given answers to most of the grievances raised by the teachers and lawyers.
    -Let’s build on them and empower ourselves against perceived marginalization.
    – Let’s strive for a better and enhanced local governance through the application of the decentralisation laws already in the books, as proposed by the Bishops of the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province in their Memorandum.


    Experience has shown that in spite of its occasional miscalculation, the regime has the determination, resources and savvy to weather this storm.
    The longer the crisis persists, the less likely people are ready to support it.
    IN DEED THE INTOLERANCE, DICTATORIAL AND TERRORISTS TENDENCIES OF THE SC/Ambazonia is a frightful fore taste of what that republic will be!!

    From a Cameroonian militant for constructive Decentralisation and local governance .

    Ashingwi Peter.
    Forwarded as received.

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