Paul Biya to visit restive Far-North region of Cameroon


Cameroonian head of state Paul Biya is scheduled to visit the Far North region in the coming days, against the backdrop of intensified attacks by the Nigeria-based terrorist group Boko Haram, sources have announced.

The trip by President Paul Biya is meant to “boost” the spirits of the Cameroonian forces fighting Boko Haram, believed to be on its last legs.

The Far Northern region of Cameroonian has witnessed renewed spate of deadly attacks by Boko Haram members who sneak into the country.

The quarterly magazine “L’œil du Sahel” reported that Paul Biya who declared war on Boko Haram in May 2014 in France, has been the target of criticism for failing set foot in the restive region to encourage the soldiers and show solidary with the population there.

In a report released on Monday, Amnesty International said within five months Boko Haram had killed 381 people, and forced thousands to flee their homes and seek refuge in Niger.


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