“Mr Ayuk Tabe and His “Njangi” Board!!” – The Great Anonymous Writes


Mr Ayuk Tabe the supposed interim Chair of the Facebook Republic of Southern Cameroon, who has now been promoted to permanent leader, has finally unveilled his board members. It is important for most of you to take a look at his notice board.

History has a way of repeating itself. A board that assumes leadership over 2 regions of Cameroon, with a total population of less than 7million people, has a board of over 100 people. Isn’t this funny?? We make fun of Biya’s board with about 65members over a population of 24million people yet create our board of about 100 people for realistically, only about 1million people.


Can someone please tell Mr Tabe that he is rather acting as a Senior Prefect of one of the schools he has burned down and not like someone who can lead a people of a lost nation?? Worst of it is he has this group of people who have been lost for so long in the diaspora and have now found a way to feel represented.

Can someone tell Mr Tabe that Cameroon will be led by Cameroonians who live in Cameroon and not misguided Cameroonians who have sold their citizenship for foreign benefits; lost an identity; preach theoretical development and dream of an imaginary leadership. Cameroon is in Cameroon and not online Mr Tabe. Please stop making a fool of what leadership is really about. We need change and not this copy and paste from thesame books that have held Africa and Africans behind for centuries.

Can someone please wake Mr Tabe up from sleep??? His entire board is made up of old cats who have left Cameroon over 20 years ago and most of them have not been back nor are making any contribution to the country besides talking politics of Ahidjo which they ran and left behind. His board is a sign that he has been reading the books of the likes of Mugabe, Biya or Obiang Ngema. What a shame!! We thought against all odds, he will try to do something better than this.

Can someone tell Mr Tabe that leadership is all about execution and not about appointment? He is focused on adding friends to his imaginary list of fanatics. With no agenda and no scope, they will remain like any other Facebook group that shines at start and faints before day fall. Unless he is just putting a crew together to support his fundraising plan. Gofundme is obsolete, so appoint them and ask for contributions like the church pastor. Biya must be laughing so hard that he might have his son go for re – election this time. Na which kind disgrace be this noh?

Like they say, its better to deal with the known devil than the unknown angel. It might be better dealing with the Baby boys – Ivo and Mark or even with Biya than this new stage clown of Tabe and crew. I am happy that someone reminded him to use a chapstick for his lips as he is beginning to look serious now. But this new board just sent him back to class one in Government School Yoke.


Today is Monday in Cameroon and there is a more urgent issue which he could address but he chooses to be aligning his illusionary squad of old quarks. Someone tell him that too many chefs in the kitchen always spoil the sauce. And his board has too many over sabi people. We don’t theoriticians with theoritical formulas of change.

Cameroon is heading for change. And the silent majority is keep a close distance to this change. This is the voice of the Great Anonymous, so listen and be liberated.

The Great Anonymous


  1. Who ever appointed or elected this guy who is running around claiming his is the interim President of southern Cameroons???? this are some of the foolishness that will never take the course anywhere !

  2. Great work, however, we need to know where you stand? Against what the person you criticize stand for or for it but do not like his methods? Next question, if you think the way the country currently functions has a problem, what makes you think having few members for a large population is not a possible problem? and having more members for a small population is not good? Are you comparing Biya’s government with his own or with a set standard for it? I think it is childish to compare things this way and if you think it does not have a problem, why criticize others who can identify some? We are in a community and having the freedom to express dissatisfaction one gets when other members of the community do things not favorable for others is a basic right. For short what you are saying is not clear. ARE YOU SAYING THE CAMEROONIANS IN NW AND SW REGIONS ARE WRONG OR RIGHT WHERE THEY STAND OR THAT THEIR METHODS ARE NOT GOOD TO THE BEST OF YOUR KNOWLEDGE? YOU HAVE THE GIFT OF WRITING BUT LACK PRECISION AND ACCURACY. ALSO, AVOID BIAS WHEN WRITING THAT IS HOW YOU GET TO BE A GOOD BLOGGER. BLOGGING IS A BUSINESS AND BUSINESS PEOPLE DO NOT TAKE POLITICAL SIDES OR RELIGIOUS SIDES OR ETC. NEVER WRITE TAKING SIDES, SAY WHAT IS HAPPENING THE WAY IT IS AND ALLOW YOUR AUDIENCE BE THE JUDGE. A FRIENDLY SUGGESTION AS A TECH ENTREPRENEUR.


    We thank you for your undying support and collaboration.

    We would like to call the attention of ALL WOULD-BE NYC proresters during this time (September 2017)

    If you are planning to join the many marches and protests planned in the coming days and weeks, please come prepared to show your VALID (non-expired) federal/government issued photo ID. If you are a foreign-born protester, please come prepared to show your immigration status. We live in the country of laws and the law wants us to be identifiable by the authorities at any time, and more so, during protests and claims of human rights violations.

    Many of the prostesters (from eithe side) may already have a good life, good educational background, and even diplomatic immunity to protect them. AGAIN, do not come to march unprepared, and expose yourself and your family to humiliation, arrest, prison time, and eventual deportation. You came here to better your life, to work hard and to provide for your family….not to be handcuffed and deported like a criminal. So please come prepared!


    There is a problem in Cameroon which is far bigger than the anglophone problem.

    The intimidation of southwesterners in the SW by northwesterners living in the SW, is an urgent call for concern. This problem is even more serious than the anglophone problem.

    I have stomached this for long but now is the right time to say it. It is too much! The amount of death threats the people of the SW are receiving in and out of facebook everyday, is an urgent call for concern.

    Southwesterners are bullied everywhere inside the SW, we cannot sleep in peace. Every morning you wake up and see bundles of tracks infront of your house, carring life threatening messages. Here on facebook the attacks are even worse. Our pictures are making rounds on the social media, with crosses on our heads and insults attached.

    What do we owe northwesterners? Why can’t they appreciate our hospitality of cohabiting with them peacefully for years inside our region? The southwesterner is doomed even inside his home in the SW, no way for us to feel free, talk freely, move about freely or sleep freely in our own region. Northwesterners are everywhere even in our dreams, threatening our lives day and night.

    The government of Cameroon needs to fix this. It is true that Cameroon is for all Cameroonians, and everyone is welcome to settle anywhere. But does that mean that the indigenes of the SW should be deprived of their fundamental human rights by NW settlers? Why do northwesterners want to dominate the NW and even the SW? Why are northwesterners obliging us to accept every idea they bring forth here in the SW?

    All major towns in the SW are being stigmatized before the francophones by northwesterners? They march and create riots, attacking francophones and destroying public and private property here in the SW, giving the impression that those acts are carried out by southwesterners. What a pity for the non-hostile people of the southwest. Northwesterners are using our region as a stage on which to act their brutal drama.

    The SW region has incured a lot of material and reputation damages, none of which we ourselves sought for. Strangers are ruining our region and now they are threatening to kill us. Government please come to the aid of southwesterners before we are rendered extinct, in our own indigenous territory within Cameroon.

    The entire Cameroon should know that the hearts and hands of southwesterners are clean. We hold nothing against our brothers of French expression. Southwesterners love all Cameroonians equally. We do not discriminate between regions here in the SW. Northwesterners should stop spe. aking for us here in the SW. We don’t have a wild approach towards matters of common interest. Southwesterners are dynamic, democratic, peaceful with great respect for other people’s opinions. We do not intimidate people to accept what we think is best.

    Northwesterners should stop holding meetings in the NW, then come to the SW and force us to do their wish under pain of death!

    Enough of these death threats!
    Enough of this violence in our region!
    Enough of this gross disrespect of southwest elites!!!



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