Mayor refutes killing young protester


Ekema Patrick Esunge, has refuted killing a young protestor whose only name Journal Du Cameroon got as Atanga.

According to an interview the Mayor granted French Language Daily, Le Jour, the Mayor said he was in his office on Friday morning since he was reliably informed that the massive protests on September 22 was supposed to be carried out “peacefully”.

The Mayor said that he had immediately called for military back up who helped him to keep the protesters at bay. He said contrary to viral information on social media, the mayor said one of the demonstrators was hurt in the head and another in the leg, and he, Mayor Ekema was the person who took the necessary dispositions to take care of themHe said, he was however shocked when later in the day, his wife called him stating that the protesters had invaded their home destroying properties worth millions.

“I see everywhere on social media that the Mayor has killed. Killed who? In front of my house?”

The Mayor said he however recognised 17 of the demonstrators whom he said were coming for his head but he had to act with restraint.

On the way forward, the mayor told the French language daily that the Anglophone regions need stronger measures. “These people have been caressed a lot. I am saying this loudly…if I see any person in front of my door, I will eliminate the person. My family is traumatised” he said.

The Mayor equally said he has been indoors since the September 22 event, adding that the incident has traumatised him.

Investigations on who shot the young Atanga, are still going on.


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