Interview With Cameroonian UK-Based Fitness Instructor Joseph Sama Foncham


In a society where obesity is an ever-growing global problem, we are all becoming more aware of our health and fitness. Every high street now has a gym and there is a growing demand for fitness instructors to keep clients on the right path to a healthy lifestyle and get them in tip top shape. But what is it really like for people in this industry?

Fitness instructor Joseph Sama Foncham talks about joining the fitness industry.

KB – Why did you start working out?

– I’ve always been interested in sports of all kinds since my years in boarding secondary school. I tried to involve myself in different sports and activities such as; Football, tennis, running.

– Fitness has always been part of my daily routine and I took it more seriously when I decided to start taking part in sporting activities to raise money for charity. This includes; running half/full marathons and boxing.

– Finally, a fit and heathy body keeps you more or less away from the doctor. A good workout puts a smile on my face throughout my working day and makes me very efficient in the office.

KB – What was your diet like before you started working out and what it is like now?

My diet has always been good – I avoid eating junk food. My friends and family would describe my culinary skills as “Very Good”. I like cooking using fresh ingredients – from making my own ginger&garlic paste to chopping my vegetables for a dish like fried rice or déjè. I love cooking and the art of baking. I don’t diet – I love baking and I eat my cakes. When it comes to baking I avoid doing the icing to cut back on the sugar intake. I believe in the two E’s – EAT & EXERCISE. This way I don’t deprive myself from the fine dishes on offer but I do make sure I eat healthy too. Luckily I don’t drink or smoke which helps in my staying fit and healthy.

KB – Who or what gives you the most inspiration?

My inspiration comes from my desire to make a difference in people’s life – put a smile on a face – be it through helping with personal training so that an individual or group of persons attain their goal or goals


KB – What is your advise to an African woman who has just given birth and wants to get back to shape? What exercises and diet should she follow?

Post birth is a very tricky time for a woman having to juggle up looking after a new born and for most women getting back in shape. My advice would be to ease your body gently into exercising; – Long walks/jogging (at least 30mins daily or every other day) – Abs (Sit-ups) Check with your doc for women who give birth via caesarian before doing abdominal exercises. As for diet – I would encourage a healthy diet consisting of fruits. Porridge for breakfast or something hire in fibre. I would encourage that white bread is avoided for sometime. Plenty of water intake.

KB – How do your workout differ from other workouts out here?

I try to make everyday different – nothing worst than knowing what your trainer has got up his sleeves for you. Attention to detail is key – paying attention to the need, progress and wellbeing of every client as an individual. Above all, I make my workouts fun – exercise with a smile.

KB – Do you have any tips or tricks to living a healthy, lean and fit life?

Hardly anything to say here that we don’t all know. It all boils down to DETERMINATION – the zeal to want to live a healthy life. Eat well – incorporate fibre and fruits in your meals, avoid too much salt, sugar and oil. Exercise at least 4 days a week (minimum of 30mins per session) Avoid smoking and heavy drinking.

KB – What projects are you working on now?

I am in the middle of training for a boxing fight which is exactly a couple of weeks away. This is an event organised by UWCB (Ultra White Colar Boxing) with the ambition to raise money for the charity Cancer Research. This is a charity very close to me after I lost my dad from prostate cancer on the 20th of May 2016. It is my desire to play a part in the fight against cancer. Every little helps is a phrase I adhere to and it is in this light that I decided to take part in this event and with the help from family, friends and colleagues I have so far raised £937. I hope to carry on after this event to do what I can to help in the fight against cancer especially back in my home country, Cameroon. The lack of information and or the reluctance to speak about health concerns is something I shall want to try and address especially when it comes to prostate cancer.

KB – Thanks for your time. 

Pleasure is all mine – thank you for the interview.



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