A man is only a gentleman in a Connaisseur Paris suit!

Bello Frasher: Connaisseur Paris global brand ambassador

In the old days, they use to say a gentleman should never leave the house without wearing a suit.

These days it is more than just wearing a suit or picking a simple colour choice between grey, navy and black. Gentlemen want to be unique, quirky and make a stylish statement at the same time.

If you are looking for different then, Connaisseur Paris has got you covered!

Founded by Alain Chaps and Julius Ade, Connaisseur Paris designs and sells high-end Italian and French wedding suits at bargain prices, with other fashion products such as shirts, shoes and tuxedos.

Connaisseur Paris markets its product line as “Upgrade  Your Wardrobe – Upgrade Your World”. The brand is represented globally by Bello Frasher, a USA-based Cameroonian commercial model.

Over the years, Connaisseur Paris has built quite a reputation in the fashion industry internationally, through its high quality customer service and superior products. It has become a brand of choice for dapper gents who love quality products at competitive prices.

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