Who is Who in the southern Cameroon movement?


Wirba, Tassang, Akamangwa et al., Where are they?

There was interesting time in this Southern Cameroon struggle. Moments of so many players but seems they retire without passing on the relay barton.

We heard of pseudo hero’s like Hon Wirba whose speech was a call to instant fame. Fame that made him vulnerable and became a runaway. Fans were hurt when they learned that their Hero became a forest boy who later came back like a prodigal son.

And then there was Akamangwa; the famous fugitive. A lunatic in exile who is able to sway a crowd that he could become the Moses of people in that country. From his Comfort in his rented apartment in the US, he preached all sorts of violence but quickly gasped out of air. He is almost mute now.

Then there was Tassang; known as the Judah Iscariot to those in jail. He fled Cameroon through the back roads in to Nigeria. Was able to stage several voice commands through media with the expectations to raise money but ran out of money to support his fundraising campaign. And so is now on silence.

We remember others like Moh Herbert; a civil servants who has benefitted greatly from the largess of the government even after he left Cameroon. Today, in a bid to grow fame, has embarked on a campaign of sabotage and rhetoric, going after colleagues being his own tactics to rise to the top. Like every flame without a true source, they always go off sooner.

For Tapang Ivo and Mark Bareta; their persistence has been credited and not without gains. They have benefited from funds raised and are kind of stuck with one hand in the mouth and the other in their pants. It may not be their wish to hang on but the might from those whose monies they have engulfed.

It is just a matter of time, this illusionary game of cat and mouse will cease. Many will count their losses but for the silent majority who will count more gains because they knew before it came falling apart.

Written by The Great Anonymous


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