Press Release: CAMEROON Fashion Designers Conference


We are pleased to inform you that PROTEX-CAM is taking a giant leap in Cameroons
fashion industry by organizing a fashion and designers conference on Thursday,
September 07th 2017 at SOMATEL Hotel, Bali Douala. The conference will
commence at 9:30 AM prompt.

Cameroon Fashion Designers Conference aims at developing the fashion
and textiles industries in Cameroon by addressing the needs of fashion
designers in Cameroon. We aim at bringing professionals in the fashion field
to discuss and agree on methods to ameliorate the fashion industry in Cameroon.

The Association for Professionals of the Textile Industry in Cameroon
and other fashion professionals including Kibonen Nfi of Made in Camer
and Mbogol Bienvenu of Mbogol Academy, examined the challenges
preventing real growth in the fashion industry in Cameroon and figured
a conference with all the fashion designers will be the
best way to start addressing these challenges and finding solutions.

For the fashion industry to be a strong and serious economic player,
the different aspects of fashion have to be developed. Designers have
to have access to quality production that meets international
standards, rules and regulations have to be defined, executed and the
industry has to be fully developed.
To achieve this, it is important that all the players involved in the
fashion Eco system work together for this common good.

An undersee of the fashion industry in Cameroon will be done, challenges
discussed and solutions arrived at.

Starting with Fashion Designers, this conference will give them a
chance to express their challenges, have a deeper understanding of
what it takes to be competitive in the world market and the different
services that will be available for them.
They will be exposed to a very rich panel of achieved industry
professionals from Cameroon whose bios are attached



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