Foolishness in the name of leadership in the Southern Cameroon Struggle


Can someone please tell, the so called, president of the Facebook Republic of Southern Cameroon to use a chap stick whenever he has to make any of his public appearances?

It is about time we call a spade a spade and remind Cameroonians who continue to side with this Facebook Republic that the silent majority – the group made of sensible and respected Cameroonians is strongly against all and any forms of violence and barbaric actions.

In the past few weeks, Cameroonians abroad have done very well in exposing their stupidity and nonchalant behaviors to the rest of the world in their attempts to rob Cameroonian embassies in their respective countries notably, Belgium, South Africa and United Kingdom.

Such cowardice acts have been praised by their white mouth interim leader who sees no further than his purple tie over a grey suit. It is stupid to say that least that such forms of protest are stupid and only call for denunciations of which we are joining others to denounce.

We all heard that they took over an embassy. Can someone confirm if they are till there? Cry babies!!! What’s all the noise for when they can’t last long? This is same story with that has been going on… They stir up a noise and then let go. We would be surprise if they could even keep an office space where they have to pay rents.

If they consider themselves a country as they preach, then why not get your own embassy? We heard your interim President now has his passport, we wonder from what office they are being issued… This whole struggle has been an opportunity for some unpopular fans to find a way to exercise their primary school grammar tenses.

For those who were arrested during the foolish acts, they will have themselves to blame. Worst if they have no papers in those countries. Isn’t it insane to see grown folks carrying coffins in broad day light? This has become more of a Nigerian reality movie and we won’t be surprise to part 1 of the movie soon.

As we continue to hope, it is our prayer that some Cameroonians become sensible enough to make their decisions rather than wait for an online noise maker to come and rescue them. It’s a sad dawn for the Southern Cameroonian struggle, it’s a sad reality indeed for them and their fans. You are growing seeds in the sand.

The Great Anonymous


  1. How much did Terrorist dictator Paul Biya paid you to try to bring confusion in southern cameroon movement? It only shows your intellectual limitation, and sophist like you know nothing. There is no cameroon as a unified country, and there have never been a cameroonian people. It is worthless replying to these type of masked infidels who work for the devils party in power and are confortable with repression.Where your intelligence and those of your masters ends, that is where the common sense of Ambazonians begins. You east cameroonian are complete losers and future refugees to southern cameroon.

    • Jst tell whosoever dat blogger is dat God silence does not mean failure when the right time will come even an illitrate will put things de way de ought to be as we all knw David was no match to Almighty Golliath but his later end was fintuned

  2. You waste pipo time with such article , how is this write up helping your course? Insults will only add salt to injury! Try to post articles that make sense , those fighting to maintain the status quo should beef up their discourse. This is really vexing!

  3. You are a popular prostitutes in UK not a blogger you bitch. What make the sense about all the story you developed above? How much have the regime giving you to commit such a sacrilege? Very soon you shall blog in favour of Southern Cameroonian when we gain our statehood, I will include you in my prayers and you will be deliver from that demonic spirit in Jesus name Amen

  4. It could have been much more appropriate if the writer identify his or herself, he was merely expressing him/her self and the points were very pertinent but to hide behind the wall to make your point only reducing the impart you are trying to pass across, me too, have problems with the so called self appointed leaders of the struggle abroad!

  5. Hey I don’t mean to be rude miss, you have been alitle too harsh , its true some of the acts have not been necessary .to all those throwing insults, its uncalled for. the problem can be solved so easily only if you guys don’t look and think with igo .to solve a problem that’s not what you do .don’t make the whole situation look hopeless its true that both sides have gone a little too far in the wrong direction but this can be fixed.if they both keep away pride and come to the table there is alot to loose if its not done that way… Hope you guys can help with this .”please don’t ruin this beautiful nation its just a vital test of time.

  6. Please she is just reporting…leave her alone.and this report is true 100percent….dullness go kill wouna.imagenary ambazonia.comedy show.all of you will be arrested one by one.fakers,comedians..why can,t they do those things in cameroon.foolish one dem go follow dem…no bi me.ah wise.innocent one dem di suffer.ndutu for dem kontri pipo.very soon the population go turn against me.kinaka is no bitch.all of ya are double bitches in fact multiple bitches…stop ranting BUT PROOF THIS POST OR THIS NEWS WRONG.

    • Y will they nt be arrested wen we live in a country were only dos who speak fr de government are free to do so anytime n any how if u tink wat u are sayx is true come to bamenda call ppe around n tell dem dat nonsense n let’s see if u will return to hos alive

  7. I jus want u all to kW dat weda ambozonians win dis battle or not it will nt change de fact dat de is marginalisation n de present generation n de ones to come will Neva stop fightx

  8. Empty vessels make the loudest noise! See me some fool for ya!
    Tomorrow when we have achieved better things, u will be one of the first to send motions of support!
    Keep dreaming. We are advancing! And you will be one of those we shall ban in our land!

  9. Posting such is insultive already of a people bereaved of the atrocities committed by la republic for years. Now if they love their country, their president, their embassies, their authority better, they should start now to tell their president that ” Leave the anglophones alone”. We do not need them so they should go away from our territory. LEAVE US ALONE.

  10. Good bloggers don’t insult people. If that’s how you attract people to read your message then it’s wrong. I think you’ll attract lots of readers by staying on message regardless what criticism you face as a blogger. Stay strong and good luck!

  11. I appreciate Ur efforts my beloved, but rest assured that whatever you think or say remain your opinion about what the Ambazonians are going through. The authorized bodies & the chief judge of the entire world who is the author of every existing country has his own opinion & decision towards this struggle & you can’t influence him.Let me ask you this stupid question. What will happen if our request is taken into consideration. Will you stop it,annul it or cease to live? Plss,let us not invoke the anger of the almighty on things that doesn’t concern us.If u can’t help us,be calm no one will force u to do so bcus he are self sufficient with our little. Stay blessed kinna.

  12. Hahahahahaha , good article .You go to another man’s land take down his flag and hoist yours.Question are you taking ownership of his land because you don’t have one.That doesn’t look like you’re planning to have a land of your own, if not you would have rented your office ,hoisted your own flag and burn the other flag at your own embassy. Helas ,you are more like terrorist ,because it’s like Boko Haram taking over a village in Cameroon and hoisting their flag. Guys grow up. Stop humming in the ears of LRC if you can’t sting. I’m just an observer. !CONTINUE ALUTA

  13. I never knew some Cameroonians were so foolish and egocentric. Keep sabotaging this struggle posterity will judge you. Selfish, irrational idiots. Any that cork sucker who goes around publishing all this crap just to tarnish peoples reputation will meet her waterloo someday in hell.

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