False/Fake Prophets/Presidents of Southern Cameroon


The Facebook Republic of Southern Cameroon has become the first place where anyone can become an online President with an online following to no where. Fueled by fake promises, propaganda and prophecies, this illusionary Facebook group is not trying to go down without dragging other vulnerable people with them.

Everyone can attest to the fact that it started as a legitimate group and movement until the real leaders where locked up by the government. Since then, Cameroonians and the world over have continued to witness a myriad of delusional tendencies portrayed by a group of narcissistic individuals led by several groups of nincompoops who know little about a struggle to win.

These so called leaders are liars of every order. Starting from the baby boys(Mark Bareta and Ivo Tapang) who have done well in marketing lies and propaganda which have only caused more victims than victories. They have also swindled monies collected from the public to aid their victims but till date, we have not had any signs or proofs that they have used the money for the reasons it was collected for. One thing is certain, they will rot in hell when time comes for stealing from the poor to feed their egos.

The others like Akwanga, Herbert, Wirba, Tassang and the few power mongers who had the opportunity to shine on social media even without an agenda. At one point they seemed to be gaining popularity from their block headed fans who couldn’t separate their heads from their stomachs. Today, they are considered old news as they have now turned against one another since their online fame was just short lived. Their intents and prophecies were like lullabies, intended to put the crowd to sleep while they continue to propagate their fake news.

The newest illusionist to the group is the self elected and appointed leader or president known by his fans as H.E Mr Ayuk Tabe.

First off, its stupid of the North Westerners that after all their struggles and losses, they will let a South Westerner come seat to tell them what to do. When shall these people learn to be independent and responsible.? Its like they decide to work their farms and let someone else do the harvest.

Secondly, after all the struggles and pains they have incurred over the time, Mr Ayuk just comes out of no where and is the online leader. Ask yourself where was he when the heat was on?

Thirdly, just like a student in training by Mark and Ivo, Mr H.E Ayuk Tabe is proving to be a good student to them too. From day one Mr H.E Ayuk started just with the same lies and propaganda.

When the people of Bui division experienced losses from weather mishaps, Mr Ayuk promised them relief. It has been over a month and a half today and there has been nothing.

In the recent tragedy of the mile 2/9 accident in Muyuka(May they RIP), he promised a relief fund and till date, it has just been talk. Mr Ayuk was even heard making a public news that the Facebook Republic of Ambazonia has begun issuing passports of which he has the first copy which he said he used to travel to South Africa. WHAT A LIE.

Dear Cameroonians, you have the option to follow the truth by the Great Anonymous or get buried in lies, illusions and propaganda. At the end, you will have a narration to explain to your kids why you are where you are. A word to the wise is enough.

The Great Anonymous


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