“Attacking the national flag is attacking us” – Joseph-Antoine Bell to Southern Cameroon protesters


Former Cameroonian international goalkeeper, Joseph-Antoine Bell (sometimes referred to as JoJo Bell) is not very happy with Southern Cameroon protesters who desecrated the Cameroon flag at the Cameroon High Commission in Canada.

In his recent appearance on Equinoxe television, Jojo Bell expressed his disgust by saying:

I was raised to the defense of the national flag so much that even while playing football all the spectators can tell you all about the national flag. Now what do we see? We see people attacking us because we recognize ourselves in this flag. And any attack on this flag is an aggression against us. I do not see how we can tolerate people who attack us. We are brothers, we have the same flag. So we can claim precisely by wearing the flag not by humiliating the flag, tearing it, trampling it and so on.”

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On the ongoing political crisis in the English speaking regions of Cameroon he said:

I heard someone say that anglophones are fighting because they want the freedom to be president. I believe that there is no text in Cameroon that prohibits an anglophone from being president. It just says that if a francophone is president, an anglophone would have to be in this or that position. So if an anglophone is president, a francophone would have to be at that other position. There is no text that limits the expression of Anglophones. “


  1. “I heard someone say that anglophones are fighting because they want the freedom to be president. ”

    They don’t even bother to understand the cause of a plight but resort to making ridiculously ignorant conclusions.
    How can one even deal with such ignorance coated arrogance?

  2. Brandy KiKi and other Moda fuckers. When students are raped, killed, jailed, tourtured, stupid bell and Ass hole Kiki don’t see it as anything. Burning of that stupid flag is more significant. Brandy, problem na sey man no fit rape you, all cpdm mutter pistle don brakasize that ur rotten lass. Rapist sef no fit like you. You can’t fill the pains when virgins, innocent girls are raped. You can’t feel when parents, youths… Are captured unjustly.

  3. Oh my, Where do I start?
    On a fateful Saturday in of July 7, 2014. HE the Prime Minister of Cameroon, Pa Yang Philemon handed over the same Cameroon Flag to a German (Volker Finker) because other Cameroonian (Particularly Eto’o) did not want to do anything with the flag. Mr Joseph-Antoine Bell was present at the Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium and laughed at the incident. Today, because it is anglophones or those seeking independence he is angry. Some of us a ridiculously ignorant.

    Kiki please, advice Jojo that in Canada no one cares if you burn a flag. In fact, burning, stomping, peeing, shredding etc of/on the Canadian Flag is considered an act of expression defended by the Charter of Rights and Freedom. People get over it.

    I also do not know any law in Cameroon which prevents someone from burning the flag. I have never heard a case that someone was arrested or impeached for desecrating the flag. In fact, the government is quite about the incidents likely because no law was broken.

  4. Koko bomatole , The things you say tell a lot about you ,you dont need to be soo raw and insulting if you want to criticize some one . we all know the grievances and pain people are experiencing to react on a flag, but dont take it out personal to insult some one like that, be wise when typing out any bullshit.

    • Please leave Koko alone. When JAB expresses his ignorance and show no understanding of the pain and plight of a people he is stirring raw anger and should be given to him in the same manner.
      A flag is cloth or material. Never in the history of mankind that a flag has more value than huma life. JAB he is of the franco club whose ego is driven by ‘I hear say news’ He is talking about anglophones and president. Sir, the very reason why ppl are asking for independence is to be free from block headed people like you who are driven by their ego and give more importance to flags than human life.
      Ex-convict start reading your hist from the time you served your prison term for rape related charges and those who are in jail today. I think you had better treatment than them, what an irony. Sir footballers don’t die but you just gave yourself a bullet on your head I can’t even continue.

  5. Koko bomatole , The things you say tell a lot about you ,you dont need to be soo raw and insulting if you want to criticize some one . we all know the grievances and pain people are experiencing to react on a flag, but dont take it out personal to insult some one like that, be wise when typing out any bullshit.

  6. The importance we give to human life is all that matters. if people are standing up today, it is just because they are not treated as humans. All our laws should be geared at valuing and protecting the human person and not flags and symbols. What we expect people to talk about is to denounce the treatment that University girls received from our uniform men. No one in government has bothered to talk about that. Patriotism is what we carry in out hearts and do about our country and citizens. It is not how long we stand in front and even worship our national flag. Eto’o once rejected it in public. that was no news. He was never lucked neither was he christened terrorist

  7. […] READ MORE: “Attacking the national flag is attacking us” – Joseph-Antoine Bell to Southern Cameroon prote… […]

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