“Tell this boy CHRISTIAN MANYACKA NGALE if any man know eh say na BADLUCK go follow” – US based Cameroonian widow cries out!


A US based Cameroonian woman has taken to Facebook to cry out after an unfortunate situation with another Cameroonian man in Maryland, USA.

She wrote:


I was in a car accident last month and come to find out the guy was a Cameroonian, he hit me on my driver side and when he came out of his car, he appologised and begged that I shouldn’t call the police that he will pay for the damages out of pocket, I still took a picture of his insurance and ID. I called the police and of course his Licence was expired he begged and LIED he had to rush back to work. Being the good hearted person I am, I told him to go while I wait for the police to come. I sat there and waited for 45mins and no police (DCPD sucks with response time if it isn’t a shooting) so I left as I had an appt with a client on Silver Spring. Only for them to call me 10mins after i had left the scene.

Fast forward, it has been a month now and he is now ignoring my calls and hanging up on me.
So I called the insurance and made my claim. Do u know what this my own country man does? The usual!!! He denied any responsibility and went as far as to tell them that, I (THIS NGWI) was the one who HIT him. The nerve of him!!!!

My FB fellow paysans, wunna tell this boy CHRISTIAN MANYACKA NGALE if any man know eh. Say na BADLUCK go follow eh as long as eh no do right by me!!!

I HATE liars and cheats!!! I never ever wish man bad, but this one I don wish am!!!!!



  1. This should not be on this website ..it is inappropriate ….this lady was involved in an accident on june 14 never called the person involved called his insurance on july 13th a month after the incident …when she reported the accident ,the insurance company denied to pay…everybody knows in america that calling and insurance company with no police report will yield to no fruits ..it is not christian m.ngale who said you where are at fault but the insurance company…after her claims was denied she decided to post his insurance card ,his identification and his car .which scammer gives his real phone number,his real Identity even if it shows expired(he has a renewal letter of his drivers licence which stated he is legal to drive which can be proven )…everybody in america knows that in an accident you go by the police report. In country of law when the insurance company does not pay you go with your own insurance and file a claim at no cost …if that does not work you can proceed to small claims court ..
    my question is 1.did he run from the scene…
    2.did he provide you with the information necessary to file a claim .e.g…phone number,policy number and picture of I’d with a complete address…
    3.did you call him or ask his friends who know him..
    4.why did you report the claim after a month of the incident without informing him? if you did can you prove you called and text him between the 14th of June till the 13th of July stating you want your car to be fixed
    5.do you think without a police report the insurance will pay you or say he was the one at fault?
    6.after posting a picture of his identification as a Christian mother what does it bring to you..
    7.are you aware that insurance companies do not like paying for claims…

    Let’s see how you handle accident claims in the future when your brother,son or family member is involved..

  2. She’s very stupid,,, coz in any accidents in America be it your country man or what so ever there is no Abeg don’t call the police. Call the police ASAP if not u won’t get shit for ur car.. in life u help no one , think of yourself 1st , that’s a lesson I hard to learn in a very hard way.

    And plus I can already tell he gave a a fake Driver license. Stupid woman, no DMV in America issues a 1 year Driver license, and more over your Driver license issue date must match the expiration date the only thing that changes is the expiration year. This woman is a big Mumu . Make she go shitdon one place make people them hear word…

  3. This is just false information and it is clear that this woman has an evil mind …because of 150 dollars worth claims you call someone a scammer..this woman needs to pray seriously….because this clearly exposes her mindset

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