Disunity and greed in the southern Cameroon struggle – Why there shall be no independence!


When little boys with no public hair and insignificant testicles like they have been castrated decide to recourse a legitimate struggle like that of the Southern Cameroons, the end goal is a girl fight characterised with baby slaps and insults.

The newest of the struggle is a beef between the two baby boys, Ivo Tapang and Mark Bareta. Non arguably, they have kept the struggle alive to some extent but visionaries like those behind the Great Annonymous have always adviced that boys with no testicles can’t get a woman pregnant. Somehow, water headed Cameroonians who still believed in them were waiting for the miracle.

The truth about their beef is not yet out, but a reliable source to the Great Annonymous points to an argument over monies collected through crowd funding. Ivo Tapang justifies that monies collected have been used to sponsor his vipers to carry out the burnings but Mark argues that Ivo has been living larvish as revealed in his recent videos and his new and glittering cloths like the Nigerian pastors.

The sad part is that their beef has led to two camps of supporters who have lost direction. Reading some of their comments and posts on Facebook, you can tell of a population of people with no sense of their left and right. Primary school drop puts with no respect for the English language now try to revise their holiday class lessons by making posts or commenting where they can.

The saddest of it all is the fact that those in jail have now been forgotten. They were foolish to think they could be the Mandela of Cameroon not knowing they are dealing with a technocrat of Paul Biya. And even when Ben Muna, a lawyer to those in jail, announced that Southern Cameroon shall not gain any sort of independence, these chicken head fans still didn’t get the message.

So, for those who wear reason, the silent majority, readers and followers of The Great Annonymous, it is time you begin to see truth in all we are saying here. It is time you begin to see faults in the leaders of the current movement. It is time you make the decision to be decived or not be decived. You can not be fools all the time unless you chose to be fooled again.

By now, you should know nothing good will come out of the Southern called leaders who are NOT in jail. Just like we see Mark and Ivo parting ways, it’s same way we will you interim Facebook president – Mr Ayuk Tabe screw things up and leave a message before dawn.

For now, you have a choice, to choose what direction to follow or the direction to be lied about. We may also chose to focus on 2018 elections where we will have the opportunity to elect our leader.

Written by The Great Anonymous


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