Bamenda After Ghost Town Days!


Image result for bamenda ghost townGhost town in Bamenda is marked by a complete absence of human life and activity in this renowned capital city of the North West region. As such, the city has been stripped of all its resources both human and capital and replaced it with an unknown sense of hope, pessimism and faux courage to keep dreaming false illusions that have only led them to incur more and more losses.

Bamenda is a city of people most of them traders and others are students. On a day when these two groups are grounded then there is no activity in the city. With no markets open, the bikers have no jobs; the taxis are parked; the banks and credit unions are inactive; the bars are shut down and the city retires to sleep by 8pm.

With no schools, the unemployed students have nothing to do but plan for dates with no money to pay for condoms; young girls how are not too sure of their cycles take the chances and pregnancy and then abortion has been at its peak; youth delinquency is at an all time high; migration to other cities is causing a brain drain as well as drainage of human and capital resources; small businesses are feeling the pain but they can’t complain as they risk closures from hyped up thugs fueled by keyboard warriors living in the comfort of their rented homes abroad.

Bamenda is losing its business frontier. Those who came from Nigeria to buy and sell have changed their routes to the Western regions where they now buy and sell their goods. Bamenda traders have lost their purchasing powers due to the lack of cash flows and bank loans. Schools have closed down and have lost their credibility. Multinational organizations have closed their operations in the city and transferred to other cities. Bamenda has been stripped naked like a disgraced whore.

Some may not see it. For those who see, their mouths are heavy to say. But the situation might be irreversible and will only cause a domino effect with irreparable damages. Pride continues to swallow those calling the shots to think of letting go for a minute for reason. All the Facebook warriors are not tired of repeating the word “we are winning bigly”; “God is saying something”; etc. The Bamenda man/woman is now stereotyped as an extremist. They are finding it very difficult to get through processes in Yaounde.

These are the untold realities of the effects of the Ghosts towns in Bamenda. Bamenda is now a deserted town. A town that now adores 4 days off and 3 working days, we have to ask ourselves how productive they can ever be. Businesses are moving out. A vacuum is being created and may never be filled. So, lets ask ourselves again, “was it worth it?”

Your children will live for these outcomes and you will have many more explanations to give them.

The great Anonymous


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