The Most Outrageous Bunch Yet? The Rich Cameroonian Wives On Instagram Show Off Wealth


If there’s one group of people you can always count on to set up to the mark when it comes to ridiculous displays and outrageous showing off, it’s a group of Cameroonian wives on Instagram which Kinnaka’s Blog will exclusively nickname, The Rich Cameroonian Wives Of Instagram (TRCWOI).


If you’re an Instagram user who is keen on Cameroonians and luxury, you may already be aware of how glamorous life can be for The Rich Cameroonian Wives Of InstagramThe group flaunt their riches with snaps of private jets, luxury cars and lavish holidays.

At this point we aren’t exactly sure the source of their worth but it has been rumoured that most of them are married to rich white men. Yep, reason why we called them The Rich Cameroonian Wives Of Instagram.

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From first-class flights and Champagne showers to Porsche collections and luxury hotels, scroll down for a look at how The Rich Cameroonian Wives Of Instagram flaunt their wealth.

First, let’s take at look at the cars and private jets.

The designers…


Mme Pommier et ses valises ? #juin2016

A post shared by Olivia Pommier (@olivia_lafabuleuse) on

Petit selfie pour finir

A post shared by Olivia Pommier (@olivia_lafabuleuse) on



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