Southern Cameroonians and Misbeliefs


When Fornjindam was jailed – they said he will only serve for a few weeks and will be released. They speculated that he was Biya’s friend and will soon see freedom. They said same of Marafat and then Mendo Nze and his many other classmates, friends and relatives who have either died behind bars or are still serving eternity in jail.

Today, we are seeing the same scenario unfolding: since January 17th, a group of Southern Cameroonians have been serving jail. Many speculated at the start that they will be released soonest: most of them bought the fact that Dr Balla had worked for the UN, Dr Fontem was an intellectual and so on and so forth.

They started the boycotts; they stage rallies and protests across the world, exposing their naivety, ignorance and retardness towards reality. They decided to stage several boycotts: from 11 February, nation’s cup boycott, nation’s cup parade, Women’s day match, labor day match, 20 May Match, GCE among many others.

Their hopes rose above the reality expecting the best from the old man who now prides himself as the ruler of the kingdom. Today, they have gone silent with nothing more to base their hope on. They have burnt down their own homes, closed down their own shops, starved themselves to malnutrition and now are desperately seeking a way to reverse the trend they have caused.

The two puppets who tried stealing the show have gone mute and trying to throw paper slaps at anyone who tries to speak truth. Those in the diaspora who used this to gain some fame are now shamelessly reviewing the scripts and ashamed to have been caught on camera with coffins. Those who ran away have been trying to redeem themselves by mounting false hopes just to see it crumble as it is.

Gofundme accounts have collected huge sums of monies with nothing to show for. Some say they have paid lawyers abroad to sue the Cameroonian government – we wonder what courts will judge the case. Today, one of the runaways is back and he seems to the last string of hope until he is taken behind bars too.

For us the silent majority, we have remain very realistic of these outcomes, we had warned you all about such outcomes, but you called us blue legs. Ask yourself today, who has the blue legs. We see no disappointments like others do. We knew it will happen this way. We continue to live for what we believe in and so shall it be. It is time you all seek to reason with us so we forge a better way forward.

The Great Anonymous


  1. The run away is back. ???? only fools will give Tapang money to chase women. I wonder why some people don’t get. Tapang is a rebel leader and need jail term. Biya got the wrong guys behind bars and left Tapang. If Biya need Tapang that bad he will get him. He is the leader of the so call rebel group call vipers. Tapang is a Maniac.

  2. At least they tried and refused to be mother fucking cowards and ass suckers like you and your crew. Keep sucking asses and see where you get with that!!

  3. Don’t decieve yourself Kiki your brain is too small to understand our struggle . We know who you are and we don’t go for cheap popularity . Believe me our struggle shall be successful. You go take your eye chop christmas .

  4. The stupid fellow who posted that piece of shit is but only an ignorant pig there is no way you will ever see a while thing sorry for itself, never and its only until then when a bird will fall frozen dead from a bough without ever haven’t felt sorry for itself

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