Senseless jokes? Salatiel and Maahlox poke fun out of Bishop Jean Marie Benoît Bala’s death


We’ve all seen them and we might have even taken part in a few. Social media trends come and go at a scary speed. Some are good and some are just plain bad.

In a desperate attempt to start a new trend, celebrated Cameroonian singer and producer, Satatiel took to social media yesterday to share a photo of himself sitting on a rock with water surrounding him,  and captioned it:

“Moi Meme “je suis dans l’eau” lol”

“This thing serious but funny tho”

The “je suis dans l’eau” (Meaning “I am in water), a clear reference to a note found in Bishop Jean Marie Benoît Bala’s car who allegedly committed suicide a few days ago by jumping off the the Ebebda bridge into River Sanaga on Wednesday.

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Rapper Maahlox later followed in Salatiel’s footsteps by posting the photo below:

Harmless fun or Bishop Jean Marie Benoît Bala deserves respect?




  1. Salatiel has become kinda arrogant lately. If he doesn’t humble himself his career will be over before he knows. All he does these days is throw shades on social media.

  2. I have said this time and again people just talk to social media ,because they have it in their phone is high time the telecommunications sector do something to solve this issue by organising seminars to help people know what to say and post is getting out of hand you don’t just seat and write or comment anything you want with out proper investigation. Thanks


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