Opinion – Is Honorable Wirba Joseph Really Back?


https://sexcompilations.com/hottest-naked-ginger-teens/ Some Southern Cameroonians have been known to shit on themselves and feed on their shit. Biya understands this so well and reasons why the man will remain in the kingdom. To the loud minority of anglophone Cameroonians, they are waking up to the realities of what they never expected to be.

Adobe CC 2014 Master Collection software Do you remember sometime in December of 2016 when Wirba made the famous speech? Do you remember his words? He said “the battle lines have been drawn….”. He called himself a warrior and used the best metaphors ever heard from a Cameroonian member of parliament.

https://kutabalinews.com/slot-cars-games-online-qt10bk/ But just before the heat was turned up, Wirba fled the scenes. He fled the scenes before the battle lines were drawn. For a minute, he was called hero and many prayed in his name. It all ended when he fled unceremoniously.

nude manipur Today, he is back and wants to continue from where he left of. For the desperate Southern Cameroonians, who have lost all hope from their failed ambitions, they are wondering if they should rehearse their praises of Wirba or just call him a lame duck.

Wirba didnt come back to do anything better. He attempted to cross to the US like the others. Ofcourse, his attempts failed. He couldn’t see himself living in the wilderness for 3 months, without the bogus salaries, luxury vehicles, family and his found fame. His attempts to move his family abroad failed and he was running out of cash, so he decided to swallow his ego and come back.

Back in parliament, he tried to reawaken his position but forgetting that others tried better. he feels free for now, but our government has a zero tolerance for government officials who bit the finger that feeds them. It will just be a matter of time, his fate will be determine. Atleast, he prefers Kondengui than living in the wilderness.

Again, we of the silent majority, will continue to alert and advice on the best course of action. For now, focus on 2018 elections because that is Biya’s priority for now. Ben Muna had told you that in 100years there shall be no independence. He represents those in jail. He has technically separated those in jail from the talks on the streets. So, chose your battles carefully.

For now, our strongest weapon will be to show up for elections in our numbers and make the vote. The Wirbas et al have been a disappoitment and won’t take us any further. They are all serving their personal interest. Lets work to serve the interest of our generations to come.

The Great Anonymous


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