Adèle Mbala Finally Speak Out On The Fake News Scandal


Adele Mbala has finally spoken out on the fake news scandal which led to her suspension.

While presenting the 8:30 PM newscast on May 15, Adele Mbala got into hot water with her bosses for reading out ‘fake news’ via the state owned TV, CRTV. The newsreader had read names of ministers and other officials presumed to have been named into the new government of France’s new President, Emmanuel Macron.

In an interview with ESPACE 237 THE MAG magazine on June 15, Adele Mbala revealed that she was misinformed by her colleague, Serge Atagana Bisso.

His role is to assist me in the preparation of the news. During the course, he ensures the link between the editor and the presenter,” she said.

I finished writing the news. I left the newsroom to go to the make-up booth. I was caught up on the way by Serge Atangana Bisso. He informed me verbally of the formation of the government. As Director of Information, I asked for the source and he said ‘I got it from TF1‘. I felt reassured,” she added.

The news began for more than twenty minutes. We were moving towards the end when I suddenly got a note from the Proof reader on the board. The note was on the composition of the new government. The note was handwritten. I read it as I received it was, without omitting any content. I discovered the composition of this government at the same time I read the note.

The news finished for about twenty minutes. I was in my office, examining some pending files. It was then that I received a phone call from Charles Ndongo, General Manager, informing me of the erroneous nature of the information disseminated.

At the end of our telephone conversation, I receive an SMS from Serge Atangana Bisso. He confirmed the error apologizing for having been misled by the calculations that circulate on the social networks,” she concluded.




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