4 Cameroonian Celebrities Who Unapologetically Slay Their Natural Hair


Almost everyone has the natural hair game on nowadays and are totally rocking the look in which our Cameroonian female celebrities are not left out.

The last ten years have seen an increasing number of black women embracing their natural beauty by “going natural,” eschewing the chemical relaxers used to permanently straighten the natural curl pattern in favor of learning how to properly style and maintain their own hair without chemical alterations.

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Thanks in part to social media, the natural hair movement, once deemed unprofessional and confined to left-thinking students, activists, and artistic types, has steadily been gaining more mainstream traction over the last ten years.


A couple of female Cameroonian celebrities have now employed the new hairstyle! These bevies of beauty have gone natural and no longer relax their hair but allow their hair to grow naturally the typical African dark and curly hair.

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Below are some pictures of the four Cameroonian female celebrities rocking their hair.

  1. Ruth Nkweti

2. Sahndra FON DUFE

3. Lucie Memba

4. Nsang B Dilong



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