3 Cameroonian Celebrities Who Are Famous For Nothing

Coco Emilia

With the advent of and the growing power of social media, publicity seems to have overshadowed talent. There are people with extreme talent but are overshadowed by over-hyped people with less to no talent. There are many people with rising fame in Cameroon’s entertainment industry but have accomplished nothing or are absolutely talentless. Kinnaka’s Blog takes a look at the over-hyped Cameroonian celebrities.

  1. Nathalie Koah
Nathalie Koah

Were it not for Samuel Eto’o’s appetite in beautiful women, the world might never know Nathalie Koah. The pair allegedly dated ‘undercover’ for 7 good years. However, the relationship became public knowledge following a bad break up which involved Nathalie’s nude photos, leaked online. The media coverage of the scandal is what gave Nathalie Koah the celebrity status she is enjoying now.

2. Coco Emilia 

Coco Emilia

Coco Emilia aka Biscuit de Mer is one of the most followed female Cameroonian celebrities on Instagram. She may have been recently named as face of Bold Makeup, dabbled in fashion a little bit, but you know what really made her famous? Dating footballers and diplomats. Yup, that’s it. Some say she’s like an exquisite piece of furniture that you can sleep with. Well, now that she’s a ‘business woman’, she can stand on her own, but, man, that origin story, am I right?

3. T. Pana Wynchester

T. Pana Wynchester

T. Pana Wynchester is one of those people who seems to be arguably famous in English-speaking Cameroon, but you’re never quite sure why. However, he has appeared in a couple music videos but besides that, his resume is slim. One thing that fans of T. Pana Wynchester can count on, is his ability dress up good. The Buea-based star just recently launched his own brand of t-shirts and hats called #TeamStayFreshAndClean (#TSFAC). We wish him the best!


  1. Kiki, now so u want popular by blackmailing​ Tapang Ivo and betraying the anglophone struggle. Wati u di do. Cheap cheap chap

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  3. No matter how they got famous, those named People are taking good advantages of their celebrities. Nk for instance, has recently launched her webtv.

  4. What about you Bandi kiki, aren’t you famous for your prostitution and cheap gossips?? I strongly suggest you add your name to the list. Atleast Nathalie was able to use her good looks to get eto’o and now she owns her own tvweb. Wetin you get??

    • Atleast some person think like me…Make e d kinnakasblog continue d furk that e durty furk dem up and down…shitong d check dif person e life…go make ur self pretty and get to the streets my girl….durty for rice say Kinnakasblog

  5. This kinnakasblog…..learn for shitong close that ur durty mop ehh…what do you mean by they are famous over nothing???….u d think before u write???…rubish…Or u want just do some pub….famous over nothing….ma hear that tin for ur mop again…U b God…for the calculate man e startorm??…Nonsence#Stupid blogger…find better tin write about…..ur analysis no first correct.. no come talk shit…Rubish

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  7. […] READ MORE: 3 Cameroonian Celebrities Who Are Famous For Nothing […]

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