Southern Cameroons Crisis – How We Have killed The Struggle


Let’s take a moment to ask ourselves these key questions:

1. What if Dr Nkongho and Dr Fontem are released today? What if they decide not to have any inputs in the struggle? What if they change their stance due to negotiations that have warranted their release? What if they are never released?

2. What do we now make of Mark, Tapang, Boh Herbert, Akamangwa, Wirba and all those who at one point had a say in the struggle? The above have proven to lack consistency, integrity and a minimal sense of leadership..

3. What do we make of all the parades we see on social media by desperate socialist who have been in dire need for self celebration? Worst of them are those carrying coffins in their parades? You need to see desperation on their faces. Not sure what they’ll tell their kids when these images are seen 10 to 20 years from now. Which nation on earth still does that in this century? What a shame to the cause and the people..

4. What do we make of all we have lost and yet nothing gained. Despite the stones being thrown at LRC and the party, they have stood tall and taller – keeping ahead of the struggle while making fools out of some of these protesters.

5. For all the boycotts, the country has still managed to live through each celebration ( 11 February, women’s day, labor day, 20 may etc) – where do we say we have succeeded in?

6. Despite all the interruptions of school, the GCE is being written. We feel sorry for your brothers and sisters whom you persuaded not to attend school. Be prepared to deal with their unwanted pregnancies and their youth delinquency.

7. For those who continue to ignite arsons, what is the outcome of the burning? How much impression has been made? Who have you impressed?

Biya and his entourage continues to laugh at this struggle with dismay. It’s like an adult refusing to feed because she/he wants the parents to spoon feed them. Inshort, its more of some grown men running around in baby diapers seeking to be recognized for the size of their diapers.

The level of amateurish expressed during this struggle has exposed alot about some Cameroonians. Worst of them are those supporters in the diaspora. They are simply a bunch of misdirected citizens with no clue of the reality and identity. And as a means of trying to show their worth, they settle on every desperate attempt there is to make their voices heard.

We have systematically killed the struggle. And the energy lost may never be regained especially with respect to the fact that the young man and old boys are now fighting to show their might as an attempt to prove their manhood to their wives, girlfriends and children.

We the silent majority, we continue to stand strong amidst the weaknesses that prevail and we await our moment to establish the stance for which we have held so dear and will use it to make the deal needed to keep throttling.

Viva Cameroon


  1. Fuck you beach. You are a beach just like your mama. There’s nothing worse on earth like you. Am going to expose you real soon . All your accounts will be hacked, all your dirty sex life will be on Facebook , all the dirty things you say, you will be held accountable for. Did those old men pay you? Sorry for your integrity.

    • At least before insulting someone u should learn the language first. Everyday u guys keep talking about exposing her yet u have done nothing just like those inciting u dummies to burn down buildings and stop going to school. Sheep!

    • That’s why u cannot reflect the struggle we want…because u spend time Dimitri abusing people for correct opinions instead of correcting your stupid ego…when u expose her, will that give you what the struggle wants? So sad

  2. Hi Kinnaka, what do u gain by trying to tarnish this God ordained struggle? Remember this. U will one day seek asylum in Sourhern Cameroon, when we are done fighting and fixing it.

  3. Read the first 3 paragraphs. Scrolled down to the last paragraph. Still didn’t see any sense in her article. Very sloppy.. Pretty hard to figure out what she was trying to portray or the purpose of the article. No correlation, lack of style ,no blocks, her article don’t build up at all. first class amateur.Typical La Republique style.

    She talks about a struggle like she is with Southern Cameroon but actually she is laughing at the ones who lost their kids in that struggle. The ones who are still in that country licking the wounds of la Republique. taking all the pain, deprived from internet etc. Silly girl can sit here in the UK write some stupid like that. And at the end she says viva Cameroon(sure she wanted to say Viva La Republique or maybe spelled it Cameroun)…….
    This girl got no knowledge at all… I beg ma sister, before you write this Babadjou kind article, make small research, put some sense and most importantly, show some “RESPECT” to people who fought and are still fighting to make sure their grandkids grow up in a region of preserved culture and rights. You are really making a fool of yourself…..
    I beg, na only word of advice or just leave topics weh yee trong pass you. Dem give you small money make you help kill the hope? or mislead people back in Cameroon claiming that you are a UK based Cameroonian. Get the fuckouttahere.. .. UK based my black ass, sitting here making these English lads think Southern Cameroonians need to educate themselves.
    You are better off writting shitty articles on music and sho biz, or maybe you can be famous doing porno for free, or make you comout dross take plenty selfie puttam for facebook, people go like am well well, pass this your wannabe UK based political analyst. People have died in that country on that shit. !!!!!

    • kiki is a big fool.. nothing better can ever come out from her write-up trash. she better concentrate on prostitution which she knows best

  4. And what if you propose another way forward instead of nagging at those providing some sort of leadership. What do you propose????

  5. Let us just assume this “Bansoo” girl has never read the history of any revolution. She says LRC is “standing tall”????? How tall? Dick sucker!

  6. Simple truth…amateurs who don’t want to learn but spring up fights among themselves, abusing people recklessly ,burning and looting.. and u want to rule me one day…go rule hell and stop bugging young people who work hard to make ends meet…why don’t u drop your lofty jobs abroad…if any…and go join the Akada boys in Cameroon to fight in the frontline…cowards…and u took foreign nationalities…U have no saying in Cameroon..this is to those fake freedom fighters…some of u are out here, abroad with fake arrest warrants, or having abandoned jobs and go abroad while your family still collects your wage in Cameroon even though u are not working…u expect to rule who with your corrupt habits.. .


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