“No amount of police investigation and police follow up in Cameroon could help” – Kibonen Nfi reveals how she lost everything made from Lupita Nyong’o’s exposure


On May 11, Kibonen Nfi revealed how Lupita Nyong’o changed her life by wearing two of her designs in September 2016, while promoting her movie  “Queen of Katwe”.

The New York-based Cameroonian designer behind the Kibonen NY clothing brand, who has been using her entrepreneurial journey to inspire young Cameroonians, has now revealed how she lost everything made from Lupita Nyong’o’s exposure.

“Part 1. The story behind this quite a lot but I will try to make it short.
I am sharing this story amidst so much hesitation.

On this day @lupitanyongo wore the second dress from the collection sent to her and this was about 5 days after she wore the first one.
When she wore this dress I was literarily on the phone with the team at the made in Camer factory. I was encouraging them and making promises to send their salaries to them which had been a little delayed by this time.
When I hung up the phone from talking with them I saw @vernonfrancois Lupita’s hair stylist had tagged me on IG. When I saw this picture I burst out crying very loud. I was too glad for words so I cried very loud too.
My paypal had began indicating purchases of this dress from my website. Omg! This was great news for I was going through a very painful stretch of uncertainty like I mentioned earlier on another post.

I knew God had made this possible again.

With all the orders I received I was so glad I was overjoyed and I knew this was the last day of struggle for me.
I put together all the orders and sent them to Cameroon.
While these orders were getting made the unrest in the English speaking side of Cameroon started. ? with ghost towns , strikes, no internet and an overall horrible environment in Bamenda we could not get the workers consistent for a while.
Some days I called to speak to the manager and I heard gunshots at the background! ?
In all the struggle we eventually had the orders completed. We had some challenges to shipping and I was in such a desperate situation to have the orders shipped.
Unfortunately we fell into the hands of some unscrupulous men who stole all the merchandise destined for the clients. No amount of police investigation and police follow up in Cameroon could help.? I lost everything made from this exposure.
I stayed faithful listening to Lord with so much pain in my heart. I was so so so disappointed. What do I tell the clients etc. fortunately God has blessed me with kind and understanding clients. To be honest I really appreciate you. It is not by what I am or anything I do but God put consideration in your hearts. I do not take it for granted!” she wrote on social media.

“Part 2. I tried to raise money again to remake these orders and it was so challenging. I kept praying for direction . When I prayed to God He gave me some really great ideas on what to do with the “Lupita dress” specifically

No one knows like I know what God has done in my life. When I praise God do not be offended; because it is God who has given me all and has snatched me from the hands of the evil one who has tried to keep me in depression darkness and bondage. He saved me and because I value my salvation I try to get others to know of the beauty and love in Jesus.

To God be all of the glory. God is a miracle worker and has everything planned out in His way and time. I enlisted myself to His kingdom so I function under rules and the biggest We have to open our spiritual eyes to understand the way God works. Whatever challenge, sorrow, pain, disappointment and depression that I face this scripture keeps my faith alive
Romans 8:28(NKJV)
28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. The key in life from my experience is to know whose you are. Once you k ow who your creator is and who you serve you key in to the relationship and grow it and you will realize there is a destiny already preordained for you.
You will not be lukewarm about your relationship with your savior and maker. You will stay focused on your calling and you will do things to glorify God
I hope these words can uplift you today. We are still marching forward. As a young entrepreneur you need a solid foundation such that when challenges come you use them as an opportunity for elevation,” she added.



  1. Beautiful and inspiring…you should post more of these kinder stories. It’s inspiring the younge generation. Thanks Kinaka

  2. I am really pleased when I see young people celebrating our Lord this way. Giving all the glory and not believing in themselves. Kibone, u just won another client. The God who lifted u up will never stop showering u with blessings.

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