Nicki Minaj CONFIRMS she’s dating Nas but…


Nicki Minaj has a new beau!

The ‘Anaconda’ hitmaker revealing she is now dating New York hip-hop legend Nas in an appearance on Ellen.

Speculation has been rife that the pair are in a relationship after Minaj posted a picture of the two of them in an intimate embrace on Instagram last week.

Only KINGS recognize QUEENS. @sweetchicklife has the best food ? congrats @nas ?

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However the topic has never been broached – until comedian Ellen Degeneres bluntly asked the Minaj in an interview on her talk show, drawing nervous laughter from the rapper.

“He’s dope, he’s so dope. He’s a king,” she admitted, before revealing that being from the same New York borough of Queens was a major draw card for them both.

“He is the king of Queens, and I like to think I’m the queen of Queens,” she said.

“He’s a rap legend, so let’s just say that I have a lot of respect for him and, you know, he’s kind of cute too.”

When Degeneres pushed her further for a response, asking whether the two had enjoyed “sleepovers” yet, Minaj confessed they had – but said they’d stopped short of a sexual relationship thus far.

“We have [had sleepovers]. I go to him, because I just thought him coming to me was too forward,” she joked.

“But let me just clarify, because I know people are gonna think that [we had sex] – but no. We didn’t do the [nasty].

“I’m just chillin’ right now. I’m celibate. I wanted to go a year without dating any man – I hate men – but I might make an exception to the rule for him because he’s so dope.”

Minaj later apologised to Nas through the camera for being so open about their new relationship, saying he “definitely didn’t know I’m really gonna talk to [Ellen] about him”.



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