How Far We have Come – The Southern Cameroon Crisis


It all started with a match backed by reason and patriotism. The cause was genuine and the people where United behind the movement. At the time, it was destined for success. Visionaries saw the light at the end of the tunnel but they feared the worst, that Cameroonians will once again betray their own very cause.

The pitfalls of the Southern Cameroons (SC) crisis started when they decided to take a Christmas break and to resume thereafter: this break fractured the unity, the strength and the bond that was forming. It also gave La République du Cameroun (LRC) a glimpse into the core of the movement. LRC knew it was nothing by professionals and no planning with no funding.

So while members of SC where confused and drowning in egos, old patient LRC already went to work. They set their traps and behold – SC leaders fell for it. LRC knew the likes of Tapang can not be missing. The likes of Wirba, Akamangwa, Bareta, Boh Herbert etc. They started by taking away the leaders through a divide and conquer scheme. And then they infused fear through intimidating.

Their technique warranted a response and behold the egoistic amateurs from SC could not resist the bait – they plunged in head over heels. And just like big boys in diapers, they did well in soiling themselves in their own mess. Too bad the mess spilled over on the rest of the people and now they all mourn in despair.

At first they underestimated the power of LRC despite all warnings.. As legitimate heads of the Southern Cameroon movement where transferred to serve jail, the tails were left wagging. The two most prominent were our baby boys snagging all sorts of negative propaganda: first they said UNESCO would step in, then they said the UN would, and then they said the AU would, and then it would be the international lawyers, then it would be the foreign embassies, and then it would be a boycott, ghosts towns, arsons, threats and worst of all personal starvation.

Today, Southern Cameroonians in the country have grown weaker and fable. They have lost steam, energy, zeal and hope. Their Pride has been taken as they have now had to go back to eat from the same hands they beat. Their kids are now in regrets about why they didn’t prepare for the exams as the find themselves writing an exam they didn’t study for. The irony is that those promoting school boycotts either have their kids/relatives attending school in other regions or abroad.

LRC is already executing it’s agenda to win the upcoming election. And they are in good shape. Despite all the boycotts on all major days, they still succeeded in making their marks while power hungry SCnians continue to bite their tongues and fingers in doubts and regrets. Some continue to stage childishness in front of major embassies abroad, others try to gain fame by writing clueless letters and gain mundane fame through whatsApp forwarding.

Cameroon remains one and indivisible. You will choose to stay and make it better or you leave and build your own. We of the silent majority will strive to make great things out of the current circumstances. We have a plan and ours has been in effect. Our stage will set the nation moving forward again. Just like LRC we saw this coming and unlike LRC we will emerge with success when our time is perfect, and it’s soon.



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