#FindEpie trends on social media as Cameroonians launch a manhunt for ‘rapist’


Cameroonians on social media have launched a manhunt for a man known to Kinnaka’s Blog only as Epie under the hashtag #FindEpie, after he sexually assaulted a young girl from Kumba on camera, over an alleged 2500frs debt.

Another source claims that Epie did not borrow the young girl the money, but however used the 2500frs to groom the victim for sex and when she became reluctant after spending his money, he raped her.

In the video recorded by Epie, the young girl could be heard telling him ‘it’ hurts and begging him to stop.

According to multiple reports, the culprit has fled the country for Dubai. Other reports however claim that the photos of him allegedly in a plane to Dubai are old photos.

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  1. When a girl tells you stop and u don’t it’s rape. If u intimidate them to have sex, it’s rape. Any sex without consent of one party is RAPE. Sit your ass down. You may not like Kiki but don’t protect a rapist. I have seen the video

  2. Show me video make I investigate ๐Ÿ•ต๐Ÿพ then judge ๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿพโ€โš–๏ธ

  3. Kiki stop spreading lies. Now you call it RAPE? You can make good journals out of positive vibes rather than this your convincing lies on negative trending. Have you every spread an article on the Good work of Men of God who save souls and groom people to attain salvation?

    • I meant to say Epie is a rapist and badly brought up. Woe betides his family. He is from a cursed family to start with. Mother is a prostitute, younger sister thesame but he will be smoked out soon . I personally know this young girl KELLY. Videos have gone viral and Epie has confirmed that himself in his audio that he just released. So anyone trying to support this act is also a nonentity and rapist as well. This is an act punishable by law and God. Epie won’t see success in his life. Wait and see.

  4. Massa bounce with fake stories when there is no prove, we want to see the video and stop sabotaging people over fake rumor, it just like the even of Etta Palace Hotel in buea which was fake

  5. Just becauae epie bought a blouse for 2500 je damaged the image of that girl that is so heartless he needs to pay for what he has done epie where eva you are they will find you

  6. My day was devastated when I watched that video. How could he molest that little girl despite all the pleading. Even a life sentence would never compensate what he did to that little girl. I can only imagine that psychological trauma that girl has gone through.. What a world.. That guy needs to be off the street!

  7. This guy has to be killled … if someone meets this guy ,, please do not have any compassions , kill him , period ….


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