Cameroonian woman arrested on reports of wire fraud, dog selling scam


On Tuesday Lehi police officers arrested a Cameroonian woman on reports of fraudulently cashing wire checks and trying to fraudulently sell dogs over the internet.

Police were dispatched to a grocery store Tuesday on reports of a woman attempting to collect money from a Western Union branch. Employees reported the woman came in several times to collect cash, but with a different ID each time.

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Police spoke with the woman at the store, explaining the situation. The woman gave police a Texas driver’s license, but police determined it was fraudulent, according to the police report. She insisted the driver’s license was valid, but eventually she reportedly disclosed her name was Bertilla Tantoh.

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Police searched Tantoh’s vehicle and found 15 different driver’s licenses out of several different states, all with Tantoh’s photo on them, but with different names, according to the report.

Police determined she’d been receiving wire transfers after telling people online she had dogs for sale. Tantoh would arrange for dog sales online and ask for a money transfer before the dog could be sold. She would then pick up the money transfer using various identities, but a dog was never sold, reports state.

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Tantoh was booked into the Utah County Jail on suspicion of three third-degree felonies of theft by deception, four third-degree felonies of forgery, six class A misdemeanors of theft by deception and one class B misdemeanor of theft by deception.

Her bail has been set at $25,000 cash only.


  1. This Dog selling scheme has always been this way. I wonder who are her victims honestly.

    Shameless woman.

  2. Only because them want d waka show show for baby showers,live big life. You dey probation you no go find place shidon quiet you still d waka commit crime. The people like them go spoil other Cameroonians dia chances of getting a visa to America

    • Ateyu. This particular girl toooooooooooooo like big time. Run pass e shadow. Her love for money………i nofit even explainam. Dis girl dey so u fit give e ya Kidney say mke e hollam for u for 1 sec u want turn e dong sell that kidney for tke money do show show. She would do anythng for money. Even inside that prison cell so, e go still di give blow jobs for money. Shameless married woman.

        • way beta dan her u stinking piece of shit. Y u carry d mata for ya huge head? Dog like u. I know say u too be scammer. No worri ya own picture go come up soon. Water for beans.

  3. You all shot the fuck up and stop pointing fingers as if u have never commited a crime. You don’t throw stones while u leave in glass houses. Dam

    • No na ya kombi for di kind shameless crime? Y u no go say mke pple shut up. She is a thief and she got caught so u shut the FUCK UP.

      • I am not a scamer i can assure you that, i write with me names, check the records. I write with my names not as anonymous. SHOW ur identity before u talk to me. WITCH HUNTERS

  4. This girl you know very well wosi u commot ya mami di sell na white mimbo. Now weti u want make she do the poor thing talk less of the quiet good husband you have. God done bless you move you from poverty back home you came here no fit change. chaiiii na same thing u b di do for soa fucking everywhere for money weti dis money do you. Why not came to this land go to school and become productive just like others. Seriously i used to envy these girls the call GEO everywhere but now no more cus wona di do wandas for back GEO palava. A sorry ya quiet husband cus u don bring down yi reputation but still i pray God you change and be the best even all these drinking stop and look pretty as you were before. Look at you, you were the most pretty girl before but now too much bad bad things don make you look like you di take drugs. Abeg to all the other scarmmers wona stop for di waka do show off for baby shower its not worth it the end results is terrible.

    • Wemeiii jealousy go kill you. them ask you make u came here di tok e history? Jealousy .. i see as weh ur skin di fine. She is hussler. u dunno shit about her so stop all this story telling.

    • jealousy go kill you. them ask you make u came here di tok e history?i no u fine wait for me any time from now. a go fine you and e go bad you are my next victim.

  5. What has her family got to do with this. Typical cameroon. Instead for use wunna energy go fight Pa Mbi mvondo for etoudi wunna deh direct for hustlers. Wunna choose people.

  6. Abeg dis stupid pascal abi na pasfool na who???? Abeg pack fine, dem postam make we comment and we must comment. Mother of two no d respect herself nor her kids d waka indulge in stupid acts. E scandals no even start na today, she is also fond of snatching people’s lovers and she even does threesome. Na dis very girl dem be commot soa go inside interior for banso for go find charm cam charm boys dey. Na yi old thing, 99 days for the tiff

    • Jealousy girl.e show as wey u b di envy this gurl. now weh e dey fall shock u di glad. but i got news for you. she was ready for this. and she can sort it out. nonsense.

  7. One question for you Mr. “Pascal” or Mr. “Me”… If you consider hustling as defrauding other people of their hard earned money, Is this what you’ll tell your kids what it means to hustle? If you who is not a scammer, works very hard to take care of yourself and family (I even see you have a family), and some lazy ass sits and steals all or even part of your money, will you tell your wife or child the thief was just hustling so its okay?
    Why are you claiming to love your friend or sister when you can’t even advise or tell her to stop this hideous act! Yet you encourage her. I bet you won’t even visit her in prison… Yet you are here praising her… Another even says she was ready for it n will get out soon….
    Hmmmm. I tire me ooo…
    You really think anyone even at that baby shower is envious of that girl?
    Keep this in mind; ” People try to impress people who don’t even care”. Let me tell you… Some people dey way even if you see dem wear most expensive Gucci, u no go respect or envy dem. U know why? Because all that glitters is not gold! Its a pity.
    May God forgivam…

  8. And Jesus told dem..if u know u have never sin,be the first to cast the stone at the woman… what she did might be wrong but we have no right to judge her.. God hasnt given us that authority to do so…

  9. its type like the anonymous who stay in the US all their lives and can’t come home because they spent their time castigating pple and not minding their biz.hahhaha wuna adoro neba comot…reme dey here di faim..all wuna do na to critize..mfs

  10. All wuna weh di talk nosence abi wuna no get wuna own crime dem. Wuna live the girl alone because she no ask help for any man. I’m proud of her hustling spirit.

    • Its not judgin her, we talk bc its a bad name she’s makin 4 our nation. Do u think we can b ok wen they will wrong consider cameroonians as scammerz? Nope. Nigerians stated lik dat n 2day naija na d worst nationality fo show fo any kantri bc dey go double chek u wel… we nt dat level yet bt she wants us to… nt cool. Huzzling is nt duppin

  11. Asehhh mendem una stop this kind act for social media.e really no make sense this doesnt help the situation atall.una behave

  12. The nation’s name is already bad. Starting from Y’de. She is a true and real hussler. God bless her hussle. She will be out soon. Make man no comment for here di talk rubbish. Jealousy pple.

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