Cameroonian woman arrested on reports of dog selling scam videoed spraying money at a baby shower before arrest (Video)


A video of a Cameroonian woman, Bertilla Tantoh spraying money at baby shower before her arrest has emerged.

In the trending video, Bertilla can be is seen having fun with a friend and spraying money at a baby shower somewhere in the USA.

Lehi police arrested the socialite on Tuesday following a dispatched to a grocery store Tuesday on reports of a woman attempting to collect money from a Western Union branch. Employees reported the woman came in several times to collect cash, but with a different ID each time.

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Tantoh was booked into the Utah County Jail on suspicion of three third-degree felonies of theft by deception, four third-degree felonies of forgery, six class A misdemeanors of theft by deception and one class B misdemeanor of theft by deception.

Her bail has been set at $25,000 cash only.

It is imperative to note that she remains innocent until proven guilty.

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Watch the videos below:


  1. Kinnaka. na ur best kind news this.. when person fall shock.. na u di stand for front for announcam. black belle pipo . she go comot yah. and she go still dey hussle. nonsense.

  2. Finney was arrested after workers at Walgreens called 911 to report recognizing the woman in the store as one who had been on TV for “getting into trouble with animals.

  3. Lol, I don’t know if she’s guilty tho Buh this is the dumbest thing Cameroonians do here in the US,go for parties and spray money like that,who tf is not gonna think twice about you ,someone surely snitched on her. All hussle Na hussle Buh if she’s guilty ,then I’ll say from her video,she set herself up. Hope she comes out clean tho

  4. This is wrong kinnaka I have realised u find pleasure posting things to insult the same country u came from. Seems u find pleasure in given bad news…. It’s obvious you like making people see u as the obkz good person from Cameroon what is ur own sef n ur rrallz a disgrace to ladies and Cameroon in general. YOU GIVER OF BAD NEWS…….don’t go and get married just body stay there and be gossiping about other people’s lives worthless wanna be

  5. Gerrat, Kiki didn’t do anything wrong. Na Kiki send bertilla make e go tiff. Una pack fine massa, bunch of prostitutes turned scammers and doing both.

  6. Am not supporting Bertilla bbut this girl Kiki is fun of posting bad news she’s not better than the girl okay

    • What is bad in the news? Am sure u are one of them? Stealing is stealing and must be denounced. It doesn’t matter who is involved. And stop calling that huzzling. It’s call STEALING.

  7. how did all of this happen, the Bertilla girl finding herself in this position for kiki or kina blog to be talking about her. kiki is a blogger and will say as she heard, true or not real or fake.i have heard of a lot of unproven blogs from her. or lies that she has posted. i really dont care who or what kiki is or what she blogs. discovering that google actually gives and confirms such blog is really sad. over what and how much is soo sad especially for some one living in the USA.

  8. What the fuck!!!! ya’ll empty hypothalamus be thinking?
    What did Kiki do wrong? You lazy ass scammers go get urselves 2gether cos fbi is on ya ass.

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  11. 99 days for tif pipo for this etats, 1 day na police or FBI go correct u. Sometimes i wonda wheti whona di think. Say whona smart past this pipo??? then go catch whona all one one. Kinna expose them make the world see them for the real pipo them be.

  12. If you hate kinnaka’s blog and the writer of her stuff then why do u keep reading her stuff?? It’s not like she invited you here, u came by yourself. Stop being so damn stupid. Besides she’s a blogger n blogs what she likes. If u need real news go to BBC and CNN. I just don’t know why we ate so hypocritical in Cameroon smh!!

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