Cameroonian man allegedly stabs 8-year-old girl to death in Germany (Photos)


The Cameroonian community in Germany is reeling in shock after a Cameroonian man stabbed his step-daughter to death in Karlsruhe, Germany.

According to reports, the little girl’s trusting mother (also a Cameroonian) fell in love with Laurier who was undocumented and decided to marry him, to rectify his situation.

After the marriage, the allegedly sweet and caring Laurier completely changed and started abusing his wife.

The domestic abuse got so bad that the women left the house and seeked refuge at her friends house.

After investigations, Laurier found where she was hiding with her daughter and showed up at their hide out.  The kids opened the door for him as his wife wasn’t at home.

Laurier then reportedly committed the gruesome act, by stabbing the 8-year-old girl around 8 times. The little girl allegedly died from the wounds not long after that.



  1. is that real?
    i don´t think so, i live in Dortmund (Germany)
    I have heard nothing of this story…
    i want to know because i think that i know this man and maybe his wife
    so please answer me this is my email adresse:

  2. Is that story real, i am living in Karlsruhe (Germany) and till now i have not heard any story like that recently. i try to ask in Afroshop and Cameroon gathering places.

  3. Please stop being negative. Be fully informed before posting. Melania had to do that because they are in a Muslim country and can’t hold hands publicly. You need to be informed before you yourselves make the mistake Trump made. Stop the unnecessary negativity

  4. The English language used in writing the report is beyond standard. Please improvements needed! Thank you. Rose Agnes Mbembu.


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