BUSTED!!! How Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo turned the ‘STRUGGLE’ into a money making venture (Screenshots)


Southern Cameroonians in the know, are reeling in shock as screenshots of Tanpang Ivo and Mark Bareta’s Facebook conversation, has revealed that the pair has been using the ‘plight’ of Southern Cameroonians as a money making venture.

Under the disguise of Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium interim leaders, the pair used the emotions of Southern Cameroonians to raise huge some of money via GoFundMe and private fundraising events whiling blackmailing government officials to collet huge sums of money.

The following is an excerpt of a report by The Horizon Newspaper, which will be published tomorrow:

“The money usually flows in, in thousands of US Dollars following numerous Facebook live outings by the said individuals to motivate donors in the name of moving “the winning” struggle forward. In the end, when the collections are closed, the screenshots indicate, the money is then shared among the various stakeholders involved and in some cases a tiny fraction sent home to one or two persons to disguise the mafia surrounding the operations. That is how it becomes a matter of war, insults, setting-up of people and groups of people who go out of their way to call for accountability on the use of the public funds raised. Those asking for accountability as quickly named enemies of the struggle and “agents of La Republique” and swept under the carpet or put up for public lynching on Facebook and other social media outlets.

According to This reporter recalls that a few months ago, Mr. Tassang Wilfred, Secretary General of the Cameroon Teachers’ Trade Union, CATTU and Programs Coordinator of the Consortium released a video in which he said repeatedly that the Consortium was not involved in any fundraising exercise.

That video attracted widespread condemnation on social media to the point it was even alleged that he was captured by government forces and was as a result speaking what they were asking him to say. Less tolerant comrades shredded the man as an enemy of the struggle whose avowed intention was to destroy the interim leadership and of course the Anglophone cause.

The release of these screenshots tells another story and leaves to understand that Tassang and the local Consortium leaders had sensed the foul play and were by that move distancing themselves from the scams, but they easily got suppressed by the robust, well oiled and coordinated machinery of the social media army put in place by Tapang and Mark to secure their “business”.

A ring that has run into difficulties since the advent of a united front with more stringent ways of raising funds for their activites. This far, the names of a number of figures of the Anglophone struggle have been used to launch fundraisers: Nkongho Felix Agbor Balla, Fontem Neba, Ayah Paul Abine and perhaps in the days ahead it would be the turn of Mancho Bibixy, the author of the coffin revolution, if his girl friend were to accept the offer of 40% of eventual collections as revealed by the evidence provided to our newsroom. Information concerning the collections launched ($30 per person) purportedly to pay transport for lawyers going to Yaounde for the hearing of their colleague, Agbor Balla in on April 27, 2017 is yet to filter out and we have been unable to get any of the lawyers concerned acknowledge receipt of any such assistance.

The notion that those whose names are in use know exactly what is happening is quickly put paid to when one examines the communications between Tapang and Mark critically. From the look of things, what appeared to be a power tussle between the local Consortium leaders on the run and the Interim Consortium leaders based abroad and whose role was supposed to be that of fronting for the organization after it was banned on the 17th of January, 2017, was in actual fact a battle to safeguard a new found source of revenue.

Sensing that that the local leaders were beginning to run to safety in their numbers and that power would soon leave them, Tapang and Mark decided to narrow down the Consortium to two people; Agbor Balla and Fontem Neba. Their understanding was that those two would be confined for long giving them room to make more money. Thus, on the 16th of February, 2017, Tapang and Mark signed a release titled; “Reaffriming the Indivisibility of the Consortium”. In the release they made clear that the interim leadership “shall remain unshakeable”, stating unequivocally that only the release of Agbor Balla and Fontem Neba would condition.”

See the screenshots below:



  1. Owna wait ohhh who take time for loom the pictures of the conversation ? Since when mark change Yi profile pic to two people ? Kiki when you and these your scams Dem Photoshop abeg next time owna fo a better job nonsense

  2. It don’t even make any sense. I don’t particularly know or have any opinion about these two people, but it won’t take two eyes to see that this is a bag of trash. I just rushed off to read some of Bareta’s Post’s, and this is nothing like anything that he will write, not even when writing pidgin. How did who ever get the screen shots?? Tsuipss abeg people are not soo gullible to fall for this kind of stupid thing..tarnishing people’s images using any unverified base, worst of all fake gists n ridiculously fake screenshots is a terrible, low, pathetic track to tread. And very bad for blogging.

  3. dog fuck you old hiv aids thing
    you go die for that uk weh u de ma i catch u for banso or bamenda i go teach u some lessons infact i will set whona house on fire
    wait for the news
    dull idoit stupid banso pig

    • Na u be dull idiot ya Mami Pima.
      See manipulation. Criminal.
      See the kind idiots wona di call leaders.
      Them no better pass Paul Biya.

  4. I could’ve come up with that conversation myself. It doesn’t even have a source talk less of a reputable one. I don’t know if this is just a publicity stunt or there’s some other conspiracy theory (they never seem to end lately!) behind it but there’s no way that is legit. It’s a shame

  5. How much money have you been paid? Have you not learnt your lesson since November? How did you get their phones? After all, the new way to make money in Cameroon now is to talk about about Southern Cameroons in favour of LA Republique du Cameroon. The more you try to kill the struggle, the more powerful it will be. You arrest/kill us but struggle continues.

    • If you know what Photoshop is and how to use it then u will understand. This this fskr bigggggggggg time. Sorry Kiki e dey like that HIV Aids don affect your brain.

  6. It don’t even make any sense. I don’t particularly know or have any opinion about these two people, but it won’t take two eyes to see that this is a bag of trash. I just rushed off to read some of Bareta’s Post’s, and this is nothing like anything that he will write, not even when writing pidgin. How did who ever get the screen shots?? Tsuipss abeg people are not soo gullible to fall for this kind of stupid thing..tarnishing people’s images using any unverified base, worst of all fake gists n ridiculously fake screenshots is a terrible, low, pathetic track to tread. And very bad for blogging.

  7. We aren’t fool , LRP do more these guys are clean .what about the hundred of billions stole from our AMBA LAND ? Stupid GOVERNMENT DO MORE Idiots

  8. So all these things people say about kibaka not having brains is true? Weh I just sorry na ye papa for all energy weh e waste for bringing her into her stupid world, chai girl your own foolishness them auction-am for u dasor?

  9. Have any of u dumb fucjs actually stil to consider the possibility if this being true. And do any of u have a clue of the kind of person Mark is. I feel pity for a lot of these mislead anglophones in this country

    • Before you start cursing and call people dumb atleast try and write good english Mr or Mrs..construct a sentence that can be read for whatever sakes..
      Now What have misled anglophones got to do with this? We are simply looking at the fact that the whole post together with the screen shots is nonsense. Even if these two people are sinister, this is not the day they have been caught.
      I’ve never read kinnaka, but after reading this, I’m tempted to tell my mext neighbor that kinnakasblog is rubbish..

  10. Banda Kiki, CRTV no fit even employ u. Even Biya know say if him employ u u go betray him. Shidon for side wey u dey quietly cus Cameroonians know u are trying to find employment back in Cameroun

  11. Where is Mark Bareta own Facebook profile picture on the chart conversation? And thier mames does not even show on the chart concersatio. Stupid post.

  12. Wehhhh poor you kinnakasblog u don’t even realise the struggle is the blood of EVERY SOUTHERN CAMEROONIAN now!!! It’s beyond betrayal, beyond conspiracy , beyong blackmail !!!! U know why??? Coz it’s genuine, it’s honest, it’s real, it’s factual, ITS IN THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE!!! Grow up fool!!!!

  13. SURLY YOU BOUGHT DULLNESS FROM AN AUCTION SALE OR DONATION SO U GOT IT IN ABUNDANCE!!!! In this android generation, u pop up with such dullness??? U be fool!!!!! Let me tell u, even those who support Biya esp those who are ANGLOPHONES, Bita knows they are pretending !!!! Do ur research!!! Old GOAT!!!!

  14. Since November we taught u went on leave, just to come back with this nonsense my idea your facts and information is baseless try something new dirty girl water for beans

    • As real as RUBBISH. you need simple fundamental networking skills to know this but if you are an ignorant person how can you know what is real or not?

  15. People have been brainwashed and can’t even see black and white.
    Why can’t the make a Furtune off the struggle? Are they God? These guys are making huge sums of money.

  16. This is just to show us how far our enemies can go to figth back. We have to be vigilant enough cuz many more scam of a far more greater magnitude will arise. Unless one I gullible enough would not believe this is real. Mark barely communicate using pidgin English, certainly not in a private conversation with Ivo.

  17. Have you finished mourning your mother ?? How do u think she will feel when looks back and see her daughter sowing seeds of hatred among Southern Cameroonian’s? If you want your mother to RIP then u need to step back and take stock! It’s not even up to a month that she laid to rest and your already al over internet posting trash ? How much are these idiots paying you? You are disgrace to your late mother ! She’s definitely ashamed of knowing that u came from her

  18. Go cry ya mami fine. This struggle is of God. There’s no stopping us. Our motherland must be restored. Repent n join us. We must win. Don’t be on the side of the losers. Shine your eyes. Truth must prevail.

  19. Real or not, we can’t tell. The truth is that this fight is turning into something that I was not expecting. I thought it was about us the Anglophones fighting for their rights, but it’s be coming battle ground for power hungry people. It now pure politics. Leaders fightingfor poposition when the fight have not even been won. From my vision, I see a big war in the Anglophone region among ourselves is we win this fight at the end. I wish it was all about our people as it started. Today, I don’t really know what this fight have turned into. I see us like South Sudan where there is no peace even after getting independence. My God help us. The in house fighting continue an not the “STRUGGLE CONTINUE”

  20. Where is the profile pic beside the receiver messages? , no one need worry because just start a conversation u will see what am saying and theirs don’t have that.THIEF LIKE TCHIROMA AND LA REPUBLIC GOVERNMENT.HAVE U EVER DON’T THIS TO THE MOST CORRUPT GOVERNMENT (LA REPUBLIC) IN THIS WORLD?.THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES NO GCE AND NO 20TH MAY.

  21. Shine your eyes, men! This is real stuff! Sad everyone else is Blind. Kinna, thanks for this undercover and digital forensics. You rock. Don’t mind what people write here. We can now understand why the two interim leaders did not want to leave power. The have made much cash from it

    • Carry bibig term say digital forensics give am for the dullest prank that was ever made..
      Amma digital forensics. Look at that madmans photoshop again.

  22. Take a snap shot of old messages, you won’t see pro pic . why start a chat to see, go to your old chat with a friend and see if there is any profile pic. Tapang obviously needs to prove if this is fake or not.

  23. Come on bitch u can do better than this hahaha those 2 guys know their way around social media and will know better not to discuss such on Facebook if there was a fawl play. So next time think of something better. U disgust me.

  24. Cant you guys see that rubbish up there is fake ?
    Look at where the idiot said stop 4 de over dress go live or make pic .
    That is in blue instead of white because the person was talking to ivo.
    Evrything up there is fake.
    You dont write to another person on messenger and it appears blue on the person screen.

  25. ttention: The attack on Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo.
    My Family and friends have brought into my notice an information posted by Bandi Kiki’s Kinnaka blog on Facebook titled ” How Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo Tanku turned the ‘STRUGGLE’ into a money making venture” with purported screenshots from Tapang Ivo. While, I thought it wise to wade it off as a big distraction to this struggle, I think the people of Southern Cameroons deserved that I, Mark Bareta immediately clear the air so that this negative energy should not consumed us as we move into our biggest 20th May Boycott. It should be noted that two other Cameroon newspaper reported on the same story. Let me state the facts and I think Southern Cameroonians can verify. I am only doing this so that Southern Cameroonians should not be distracted.
    1. Mark Bareta did not join this struggle in October 2016. The struggle has been part and parcel of my genetic make up since I got into my teens.
    2. All issues concerning Gofundme have been public. I have run one Gofundme account whose report was made public months back and closed. Gofundme ran by Tapang Ivo has been public and never in the dark and he too has repeatedly updated his audience as far I know.
    3. I am proud of the work I did as a former interim Consortium leader and even more happier and proud of the role I am doing now as regards to this struggle. My actions as a former Consortium leader can be verified, tested and scored. All innuendos mentioned on Kinnaka’s blog are a well sponsored calculated move to smear Ivo and Mark so that we become weak and leave the struggle. THEY FAILED.
    4. Now, in regards to the purported screenshots from Tapang Ivo Tanku shared by Kinnaka, I am seeing those conversations for the first time. Though the purported screenshots cannot tell us with whom Ivo is having the said discussion , let us assumed that those purported screenshots were the discussion between Mark and Ivo as Kinnaka Blog suggested. This means that such a screenshot could have come only from Mark Bareta or Tapang Ivo and no one else. I am not sure we are too dumb to share such if actually something like that took place. How did Kinnaka blog get hold of those screenshots if it is not made? Our Facebook accounts have not been compromised.
    5. Let us also assume Tapang had such a conversation with another person. What stops the said individual to reveal him/herself in a bid to show accountability and truth? The said individual should come forth and say, I had this conversation with Ivo and show proof of dates he/she had etc. Why pass it through Kinnaka blog which is known for writing against this struggle from day one? Your conclusions on those screenshots are good as mine.
    I want to seize this opportunity to reassure Southern Cameroonians that, as we move along this struggle, attacks from La Republique and even from Southern Cameroonians within the house shall come all in a bid to derail, suck out the energy away from us. No one said it is gonna be easy.These are things I, Mark Bareta will expect.
    Thank all those who reach out to me to find out. Issues like that cannot break me, only death shall take away my zeal from this struggle. As far as I am alive, I shall defend homeland to restoration.
    The struggle continues.
    Mark Bareta.
    From Bui County.
    Southern Cameroons.

  26. Thxs like this shld streghtened the strugle istead of deviatx it. Thank u Mrs Blog for such a hope given infor to streghtened our ply.

  27. This information you guys are reading is the fact and kinnaka’s blog never release fake information. I would advice the panel to investigate this issue. I know most of you are very naïve to know what is happening around you.

  28. All this information here is fake so I will look into it we know what to do next with people posting fake news…

  29. Create all you can in but the struggle can never be stopped. You even help in strengthening it by posting such misconstructions. We know the language of people in the struggle. Ashia for some wasted energy.

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  31. Why would you believe a source who has been against the struggle from day one? I am not saying this information cannot be correct but I will take it with a grain of salt considering the history of this source. This girl has done any and everything to weaken the spirit of the struggle and it is not at this point that I will lend her any credibility. It is an open secrete that government agents have as a new mission these days to discredit the reputation of our leaders. They have attacked the reputation of Ayaba Cho through his certificate, attacked Ebenezzar Akwanga through his health and now Mark and Ivo through this fake emails. Shame on you KINNAKA for availing yourself to be used by ETOUDI

  32. This idiot is back!!
    Someone said “condom for spare we this rubbish” and it’s true! Disgrace to womanhood.Instead to use ur platform and build ure using it to destroy!! Uve sold ur soul to the devil at a very cheap price,shameless thing!

    Take time off and focus on your life not tarnishing people’s reputation with fake jiste.I bet ure doing all of these for nothing more than sex,prostitute! Ure cursed from every angle!! Ure earths worst mistake.Foolish Bamenda girl,them pound ya brain?? Even my 2years can clearly point out this is rubbish,next time try harder.But hey! Nothing you do will change things,onward and forward with the struggle!!
    Ure Satan and you don fall for down,we go match you! You retard!

  33. This is fake…i expect you kina ka to be intelligent enough to burst this fake screen shot mesaages..Not even you can bring down this struggle..

  34. If you know what Photoshop is and how to use it then u will understand. This this fake bigggggggggg time. Sorry Kiki e dey like that HIV Aids don affect your brain.

  35. Kiki you have always been a part supporter of L.R.C… now what is the meaning of this? why have you not made a blogging about the tv station that is now on air? do you think it was installed for free??

  36. Cameroon is a perfecting managed country such that crooks are really criminals. These two gentlemen are therefore out of the ordinary in Cameroon such that discovering that they are using “Southern Cameroonians to make money is a breaking new.”
    I am really for people with stupidity and I see really how changing the Africa and Cameroonian is a very hard job. A country broken down by corruption hates it when people start seeing and if you have thorns in your flesh in eth name of Tapang Ivo and Mark Bereta the best thing to do is to fling shit on them. These guys are great and I’ll pay them for their courage and I see the results of what they are doing. Today we have a TV station which is an outcrop of this struggle. People will talk and for me, this scandal is very weak. I need better evidence. Has someone seen their banks accounts, the villas they’ve bought or the types of cars they drive? Are they throwing parties with scantily clad girls wrapping around them? I need these evidence otherwise, stupid Cameroonians can buy this and continue to mortgage their future while others like this blogger and the newspaper make money.

  37. Tje fun is that Mark Berata has had a voice years before this strike issue. He has been talking about injustices et al sincceee.. And u think it’s today dt he’ll start to try making money? Even if he dey try for mk money,na wetin be ur problem for dey? He has been and is speaking out for something that is true.. no di distract people abeg..

  38. My advice to you is..Idle mind is the devils workshop..find something to keep u busier than writing viscous lies..
    Chei. Imagine how much time it took you to make those screenshots.. You would have beem making a positive influence elsewhere in the world.

    • What screenshots are u talking of or u want to say those photoshop pics. First when someone make a screenshot it doesn’t look like that for at the top u see the person’s dp so make get no just take rubbish come Di post feel
      Day Na illiterates like her de for social media

  39. Sometimes people say they are bloggers and I guess they do not really know what they are doing. You do not just blog any information without knowing the authenticity of that information. First and famous screenshots doesn’t look that blur when taken. Secondly no one can hack any other person’s what’s app because what’s app is operation on the principles of en to end encryption I guess those who are into IT( information technology) will understand what am saying. Even what’s app can’t read your messages. This is the most nasty photoshop and sabotage I have ever seen in my life. A very poor campaign to ruin others makes u not different from them. Am not a fan of Tapang Ivo neighter Mark but please this doesn’t concern those two gentle men for it is a general struggle. If for one reason or the other you Kiki Bandy or whatever u call ur self is having beef with those two plsss sort your selves out and not at the detriment of the citizens. Since I closely follow bloggers I have never seen in my century life a block like kinaka Blog where only unverified info’s are been blogged and a blog where I thing Olathe person blogging or controlling this blog is either from a mental hospital or is either psychopatic. This girl is not serious for how can someone be very short sensed like her.

  40. i wont take sides but one thing i know is those two guys are not the engel you all think the are but the good thing about the truth is it is never popular and also can not be buried for ever

  41. It’s less about the two guys n more about the post..and those pics. They are just so visibly unreal..if at all the guys are evil, this blog wld have said it out in thruth or, if the post was done in innocence she wld have tried to verify the info she got, to be sure it’s true.. It’s by spreading untrue gists like this that life sentences hv been placed on innocent people during this strike, and some hv even been attacked. This thing has become a matter of life and death. you know how the furious striking population could go after ivo n mark and their families..

  42. If thats a messenger chat, the time the messages are sent should be shown some where right? And I think there’s something that indicates that the messages from the sender have been seen. These are things Kiki should check.A person should be 100%sure i mean for something like this, u should see the messages urself before u go ahead and put someones life on the line. If u can’t, then just don’t say anything. wait for when u can hv verified dirt on them.
    Wey social media n the internet is doing so much harm these days.

  43. Evn if the chat between ivo and marl does exist in their phones, this pictures here are wrong, they are fake and that speaks volumes about the blogger n the blog..why doesn’t ahe just do a gud job all the way..without stupid tricks and games

  44. This dirty blog should be blocked. Do you think fabricating lies will promote ur blog.you are just a frikin goat.go get a life liar. You agent of La Republique.

    • Just like a person who has no name. As a gang star he is affraid of being identified. welcome them therefore into your gang.

  45. Jahahajajahahahaha any body including me can create a name and use same pic as dp to write to my other Facebook account and screenshot later
    Those guys are too intelligent to use fcl as a means of chatting some thing so delicate cos they Are the ones telling us to be careful they won’t go behind and do same thing… It’s so unreal it al goes to show that they are doing this Intentionally…. Please come up with some thing better…… This girl just yell us if ur just trying to call traffic to your or ur been paid by the govt or one of the boys break your hat in the past…… Bc as a blogger u r suppose to be neutral but it’s obvious u have taken sides with La Rep so better be ready. Cos this is not just defamation of character but it’s goes to devalue your source of every info u thing out here. It’s obvios your taken this thing personal

    • Brandon u are just emotional. Kiki is saying the truth. Wuna wait, na last time be time. Wuna go confirm code with total shock.

  46. Ivo and Mark are thieves of the highest order. I feel pity for anglophones that are following them sheepishly.but ivo and mark know that when all your evil deeds have been exposed one day, these same die hearted fans of yours will be the same ones to deal with you. So pathetic how the reasoning faculties of aglophones have become.alot of emotions here preventing people to use their brains.

  47. This is all a LIE. How dare you come on line with such cheap talk? You ought to be ashamed. You’re a sold out Southern Cameroonian.

  48. There at big thief’s Tapang ivo and mark bareta are ocultic members. There are happy with the death of our brothers. Evil people.ocultis mark and ivo THIEF’S of the first order

    • kinnaka u might lose ur few fans bcus of this stupid post, please examine stuff before airing them. Do u rlly think in the midst of this crisis Mark will save Ivo’s name as above(na he birth certificate?…shame). Furthermore how cn he snapshot their dealings and save…pls stop been ridiculous.

  49. This blog has done one thing very good to Ivo and Mark. They realise we still love them even if they are not interim leaders anymore. They have realised the Southern Cameroonians are intelligent to detect false. They have realised we are one in the struggle no matter our disagrements. They have realised we are for them even if they blogged us on their facebook pages because we criticised them. IN THE STRUGGLE WE ARE ONE AND SO SHALL IT BE TILL VICTORY.
    I will call on the Pastor to exorcise Bandy Kiki and I invite all to pray for her conversion in Jesus Name: Amen

  50. Hi Kiki. You are perfectly right. I have verified the information and there is indeed a Daniel at the Cameroon Embassy in Begium. In fact, he is by the way called Daniel EVINA ABE’E, the Ambassador whom these boys mention in their conversation. Mark and Ivo are DOUBLE AGENTS AND SCAMMERS.

    Go girl, You have our TOTAL SUPPORT.

    • Giving Lame clutches to a lame man?. This Doesn’t prove a thing. The photoshopper knows dt there’s Daniel at the embassy…so he wrote it there so he can later on say the shots are true.
      This is the stupidest thing that was ever done in d history of blogging. Very dull

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