Why Cameroonians should shop from Eko Market Hub


Newly launched Eko Market Hub is a winding, veritable jungle chock-full of fabulous products and steep discounts. Seriously. From hard-to-find makeup must-haves to designer duds, home necessities or the perfect gift for mom, dad, sister or lover, Eko Market is practically sacred ground for secured online shopping in Cameroon.

Here are the five reasons why Cameroonians should shop on Eko Market Hub.

1) Hard-to-Find
New or popular products that are rarely in stock at your local bricks-and-mortar shops around Cameroon can be found on Eko Market Hub. That includes perfumes and eyeshadows, hair serums and lipsticks, and even electronic or home goods.

2) Fast and Secure delivery 

We’ve all procrastinated on buying a gift for an event. As per the standard timeline of delivery, it could be in between two to six business days. From the moment that the order of customers is dispatched from the warehouse, an email is received that confirming the package is on the way is sent to the costumer. The costumer is also contacted via telephone through the dispatch personnel on that day of delivery.

3) Awesome Search Functionality

Let’s face it, sometimes walking into a store causes sensory overload. And the bigger the store, the more distracted you get. Eko Market Hub, clearly, is a huge shopping outlet, but its fancy search engine allows you to narrow down your search by size, style (relaxed, contemporary, trending, etc.), seller, brand, color and so on.

4) Cheap Prices Across the Board

Even items that are brand-new can be found at a discount on . In fact, you’ll have a hard time finding anything being sold at the MSRP while shopping the site.

5). Shop From The Comfort Of Your Own Home
One of the biggest perks of any online store is that you get to shop from the comfort of your own home. Clearly, shopping online makes it easier for you to compare prices, shop around and make a decision you feel comfortable with.Eko Market Hub takes the whole “shopping from home” thing to a whole new level, though, allowing you to buy everything from toilet paper (isn’t it annoying to haul that giant toilet paper package around the store?) to movies, cement, shoes and beyond.


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